I initially chose to see the fifth installment of Tom Cruise’s Mission impossible thriller-turned action movie series, to experience the climax scene shown on its Official Trailer : Tom Cruise hanging onto the door of an AirBus A400M Atlas Military transport airlifter as it lifts-off from the run-way ! so headed for one of the glitziest 4DX theatre South Korea’s CGV Conglomerate has to offer, smack in the middle of posh ApGuJeong in the riche GangNam district . for this is one of the two theatres with CGV’s own SoundX surround-sound technology (other NOT afar, at my another favourite YoiDo iFC Mall). but to its dismay : the airport sequence came early as the Jesus-opening scene .. without much effect felt from supposedly moving seats // then soon we were to learn a series of speed-motorcycle chasing scene was the 4DX experience primer – all~ along the scenic back-drop of exotic Morocco !

[ 4DX ] over-all, (although I prefer the old suspense-thriller before Tom Cruise turned the series into his die-hard hobby in mountain(-AND-building)-climbing action) an action movie is an action movie, thus contains much less 4DX experience than Science Fiction such as The Avengers . for the scale is on a different level : trying to save a country versus a whole Universe, or even several Universes !
one aspect adhering to lesser impact than earlier 4DX movies repeatedly reviewed on this BLog : is that they show half-a-dozen advertisements WITH all its effects – quite not harmonized with its content because, they are short advertisements . so the impact is much less after-wards on the main movie . for on earlier 4DX movies CGV simply showed what the seats and surroundings can do in about 15 seconds,

  1. like short puffs blown from two tiny holes behind your head-rest,
  2. water sprayed from again two tiny holes from the top of the seat in front of you,
    (there are three buttons on your Right arm-rest to choose : whether you prefer NO water, light spray or more – where the light spray almost vaporize just before reaching your face)
  3. moving seats grouped into 4,
  4. large fan somewhere afront to blow stronger wind,
  5. flash-lights on both sides above,


20150730_192346cur640x360EuphR 20150730_192338cur640x360EuphR 20150730_192333cur800x450EuphR
over-all I would say 4DX only lullaby you throughout this movie, instead of accentuating its effects at critical points . so as the larger effect of this 4DX fails to deliver its full impact, as we are on streets instead of out-in-space : we fall to depend of the multi-purpose chairs to amaze you . but again : the fighting scenes disappoint you, as metioned on earlier 4DX reviews, the set-up confuses you whether you are the actor or observer in the movie, as you feel the massage chair’s hind rods pluck you whenever actors are hit and/or punched //

20150730_192414cur800x450EuphR 20150730_192448cur800x450EuphR
[ SoundX ] with less 4DX impact than expected, thus I was glad I chose the additional surround-SoundX option : for it was perfect for a movie where you had to understand the story as it was being revealed and the sound system turned all into a grand opera . ofcourse the Venice Opera is one of the major background of this movie 😉 and surely it really felt like, wait : more than the actual opera house !



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