Opening July 30 2015 Thursday in South Korea, The fifth installment of classic espionage thriller-turned-cliff hanging action by Tom Cruise : Mission impossible in Rogue Nation began selling tickets On-Line this morning throughout the Peninsula . and with myriad of ecstatic juicy choices in Techno-Korea : you gotta experience the plane-hanging scene in none-other than CGV 4DX .

but still if you are around the Capital of SEOUL : two theatre branches squeeze a bit more sound in addition dubbed SoundX at Yoido AND CheongDam CineCity . to choose among the two : select which kinda neighborhood tickles your fancy . CGV Yoido Branch is dug deep under the latest multi-business and shopping complex of iFC Mall, while CineCity (Rogue Nation opening August 1st Saturday) is at dead center of Beverly Hills of Korea thus rightfully an extravagant street named Rodeo Street at the corner of its Eastern block .

*also note that 4DX Systems built earlier, like at YeongDeungPo may have weaker or be missing a couple of special effects ..


[ D-6 ] Mission impossible franchise does not seem to be nearly as popular among Koreans than say, The Avengers or iron Man for ample seats except the most central during evening traffic time is readily available on special effects theatres .



( July 30 Thursday Update ) The Fifth installment of Tom Cruise’s thriller-turned-action movie series Mission impossible opened throughout the Korean Peninsula, as Rogue Nation on a day recording hotest day of the year – coming after a long-awaited short Monsoon again after a long draught . motion-simulation 4DX threatres were filled but still reserve a good seat over the rest of the WeekEnd and there-after //



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