I alway enjoy the music score of its orginal theme at the beginning orginal TV as well as movie versions of Mission : impossible, for it hypes-up your blood stream in anticipation of all the mystical thrill to come . and on the beginning of this joyful sequel : you get to watch all the cut scenes to come, while introducing its main star character titles . half of which you are familiar with, and another quite a new-found potential who will take you on this mystical adventure .


This story is akin to Captain America movie sequel Winter Soldier, where underground Hydra organization seek to wipe-out Agents of S.H.i.E.L.D. here it is The Syndicate supposedly formed by British Prime Minister as pure simulation of covert operatives, who in reality : moves-out to rid of iMF Agents – at a timely manner when its leader Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise is sought by The CiA as America closing-down iMF impossible Mission Force .

but the above is the conclusion narrated in one sentence, while the movie takes you on a rabbit trail but only after you have ridden their merry-go-round of conspiracies and counter-conspiracies . it is so complicated that one result reveals the next quiz, and while you ponder to understand the scenario : all the movie theatre special effects such as SoundX and/or 4DX pass by you before experiencing it .

and all-along its complication : you hear over that Ethan Hunt is a gambler .. and my iMF does he at the very last scene – just when you were about to give-up trying to understand the whole mixed-up plot – when he does prove to show he IS the maestro of TEAM iMF // BUT that last scene trapping this movie’s evil character Sean Harris as Solomon Lane, into an enclosed glass cube like that last scene from the magic-show movie The Prestige 2006, is a doubtful over-kill .



by the fifth sequel you come to take the usual iMF operatives for granted, while its cast recruiters did a fine job of plucking Rebecca Ferguson to play British double agent ilsa Faust and Sean Harris in the role of Syndicate master-mind : Solomane Lane . the former does impressive action herione, while the latter keeps his magnificent cool until the end .

the low-point of characters in this movie is Alec Baldwin playing CiA Director, whose face and body is now too bloated for any movie except perhaps the next installment of the classic Sci-Fi Dune //

also another measly distraction was English-dubbed cuts of Oriental cutie Jingchu Zhang 張靜初, as was ever-novel Wang XueQi 王学圻 glamourous Fan BingBing 范冰冰 on the 2013 Chinese-release of iron Man 3 released . seems the mighty Chinese co-operants have to have their stake in casting, when investing in a Hollywood Block-Buster .



like in 007 Bond, James Bond movies : spectacle machines are out to master your imaginative urge . the movie begins with the huge~ military AirBus A400M Atlas carrier and keeps on going as a BMW automobile advetisement throughout the movie .



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