A welcome addition to the endless series of the monopolizing wireless router brand throughout South Korea : as they’ve under-cut the power but slashed their ever-rising price, but with latest specifications !

  • ipTime A6004NS released September 2015 W199,000
  • ipTime A5004NS released December 2014 W124,000
  • ipTime A3004NS released April 2014 now W117,000
  • ipTime A3004NS DUAL just out November 2015 W72,000

meaning : this latest model’s dual-core CPU and memory is highest of all ipTime’s recent models, but the highest speed is reduced from 3004’s 1300Mbps down to 866Mbps.


( November Update )

ipTime has since released A3004NS-BCM on August and the main difference (NOT necessarily upgrades) from preceding A3004NS DUAL are :

  1. BCM now run by BroadCom in single core versus, previous DUAL using MediaTek in dual core – but over-all wireless network speed and stability results about the same
  2. BCM’s BroadCom chipset doesn’t support USB 3.0 so using 2.0
    ( previous DUAL’s USB 3.0 may cause interference on 2.4GHz )


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