LIVE from Seal Beach, California : Top Gun will be re-mastered for a SIX-day stunt on iMAX in the States from February 8th 2013 Friday, in promotion for Blu-Ray Disk release on February 19th. and NO it will NOT be coming to dear CGV iMAX over the Korean Peninsula -_- NOT even at their largest screens at WangSimni/Sang-Am/YongSan, widest sound systems at Yoido/inCheon NOR latest state-of-the-art experience branch at Cine City in the heart of riche-nouveau KangNam (Style) ⌒∼*

matter-of-fact : NOT on any continent surrounding the Korean Peninsula as Japan nor China/Hong Kong/South-East Asia .. as it will be released ONLY in the State, thus the closest from Korea would be Honolulu at Regal iMAX, on the way from the Airport to my dear Ala Moana Shopping Center and Waikiki Beach .


as all hopes for a second sequel vanished when he flew out of San Pedro Bridge, where I once drove quite scared aside Los Angeles’ dock : Long Beach . and as an artist of the very LONDON Royal College of Art, I would like to believe he did NOT have cancer nor commit suicide, but was merely envisioning another ‘Deja Vu’