yeah the Attack of the UnderDogs, as in the classic movie ‘Casablanca’ I am foremost a Google-person than Apple : I was always a Corel Draw and Paint Shop Pro person, than Adobe illustrator and Photoshop . the rational story being, that due to work : I hired professionals to do the /real/ work while I twindled on my own with the easier AND cheaper software application programs .

but it’s a decade after the Millennium and times a Oh changing . harder for me, like for so many . yawn .

also, gladly I am evolving .
and I am inspired, by the few quotes that our artists said .
( currently coordinating an international art show )

and as a person with initial background in art, I simply cannot twitch if NOT inspired .

Oh, the difference between the two is agonizing . terrible . this phase you have to go through . but the payback is when there is also such mighty good automation on the other side of the rainbow <3


for the aspiring beginner contemplating to decide upon the two –
I as usual, give a simple no-BS answer in a single sentence :

  1. matter of Price : Corel products are considerably cheaper for personal use, where Adobe is intended for serious business . but in a nation or cultural boundaries, where using copied software is the norm : this argument is void in reality . it really is funny to the tune of ‘Dennis The Menace’ watching Junior High School students using Adobe Photoshop merely to re-size images, then add a few stars and jiggle half a sentence on top -_- up-to-date : any software is subject to crack OR hack if one is intentional enough to spend his/her own valued time .
  2. program size-wise : it is surprising the originally small Paint Shop Pro has become so large, with each upgrade version 0o0
  3. matter of ease : a person familiar with basic running of computer software can navigate menus and guess upon the manual operation of Coral products, where as Adobe tends to be more self-defined : thus, you have to go through a learning stage . no, you don’t have to take actual class NOR buy an expensive book (but a couple of on-Line Amazon Kindle titles on your iPhone OR Android cell phone or tablet, is always good for those times when you have to wait in queu and have time to READ). some free as well as paid video lessons are very well laid out for you to look upon, when you come upon a question OR search on YouTube – where so many self-noted teachers repeat um, and ahh’s .
  4. automation is also where a stark difference between Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop lies . for while the former has automation on basic operation, when the latter has pure digit-punching from on-start, it offers surprisingly advanced features only executed to be believed .
  5. matter of compatibility : in busy business world, a company has to send another a file where the other company has to open seamlessly AND continue to work on it . in this sense the above Adobe products are de-facto used in common .



in conclusion : if you only need to do the basics, go with PSP . but those who intend to go pro, or plan on integrating into business anytime in the future, would have no choice but take the PS learning-curve – on that note : 64bit OS AND extra RAM will make a huge difference in speed .