just as you tote around your carry-on luggage between flights : there will come a time when you need a larger moving solution for office or home, not as much for computers or electronics as most are hand-carriable except large-screen TV’s but more for recycling and garbage as you even have to pay to throw stuff away in a small Peninsula with crowded population . here will suggest two types : one with handles for lighter perishables and a flat-bed roller for larger, heavier things short of full-fledged moving-day .

since these rely on durability : half-a-dozen specialized makers manufacture them on rural areas and now sell On-Line themselves, than importing flimsy carts from China – one story of note : since the Chinese make durable things with metal piping like bicycles, I bought a sturdy-looking umbrella in Hong Kong at a time of sudden need .. only to find out later the colors on the fabric portion bleed -_- I have chosen Acacia as they offer quiet models with niche rollers on both size categories . and being a company or rather a factory producing this only : they sell individual parts separately such as rollers (although in bulk) although these would not break down as easily as the lighter ones you are used to carrying on flights .

to start-off : their 301 hand-cart is among their smaller models with 3.4″ diameter rollers for in-line skates costing around W15,000
131218 interPark 아카시아 국내생산 핸드카 6종 301
131218 interPark 아카시아 국내생산 핸드카 6종 title5 131218 interPark 아카시아 마이너스옵션 P대차4종 daecha_ghj 131218 interPark 아카시아 마이너스옵션 P대차4종 pdaecha9 131218 interPark 아카시아 마이너스옵션 P대차4종 pdaecha3
and on the heavier front : the smallest one could barely carry two orange boxes side-by-side, so their second-smallest is recommended for small office or even family home for about W44,000 . and you won’t need the handles unless intending to move heavier stuff regularly . plus here they have low-noise rollers (shown in grey above). they seem to work although it can be a placebo effect 😉

all quite space-conscious even in an apartment as they either fold once or stand to lean on a wall . but ofcourse design part is lacking in smaller business, but also Korean products tend to have less than developed counter-parts around the World . although there was a couple of makers selling dard blue or navy colors but with less variation in size, virtually ALL larger carts sold in South Korea is this dull green .


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