as proven by a large stationery section in both of neighboring Japan’s largest consumer electronics building : Yodobashi Umeda in Osaka and Akiba in the Capital of Tokyo, you would love lingering in one, Yes ?

Pilot Korea, brothren of its original Japanese early pen manufacturer has been operating since 1954 gulp, has its main show room right across from another Korean landmark : YMCA in the heart of downtown Seoul : JongRo

Seoul Subway Line 1 JongGak Station Exit 4 and on the next block to your Right
after Tous Les Jours Bakery, StarBuck Coffee Shop and Korea’s own Lotteria Hamburger


two things you notice upon entry : it is empty, and the clerks neglect you, going on with her own seemingly dull, repetitive life -_-
both because the World has largely changed with lesser people actually writing, and there are now larger stationery and fancy (girly accessories) shops aside major bookstore chains in larger shopping complexes .

and ofcourse there are much more variety even within Pilot line on On-Line Stores selling at cheaper discounts
but there is something true and solemn in picking up your ball pen refill for your beloved 4 color-ink pen 😉



literal, is where I began
– Korea Tech BLog, April 2011 –