this is a story of the Korean Dream . Yes there is such a thing, beyond the All-American 😉 better-yet : its Millennium version . it began as the nation yearned to over-come iMF bail-out into a new, quite uncertain era . around the same time /another/ company rose from niL, mentioned quite often on the BLog : ipTime, which makes wireless routers . emTek began making graphic cards, but mostly OEM and tweaked to enhance some of the most popular models manufactured for PC gaming . with fan-cover design (wish eratic speed could be had without it, but NOT : THE only portion where suppliers can impliment individual design) making-believe the game you are playing is REAL //

when I first visited their office, it was a couple of smallest warehouse on the North-Eastern corner of YongSan Electronics Market, where local restaurants again small, are gathered to feed hard-working technocrats but also labourers who move quite a volume day-and-night . they have moved since, a whole large block South-East across the railroad that connect this Northern Capital with Southern Cities . and this introduction to emTek will a geographical one, for several landmark sites are dotted in this large block between YongSan KTX Station and SamGakJi, linking the US Military Base .
when the Real-Estate BOOM South of the Han River, and rightfully translated “KangNam” seemed over, high-rise apartments started going up even around the old downtown area of Seoul . well ofcourse, there is NOT room smack in the center, so around, as YongSan is a good South-Western district . and the mighty YongSan KTX Station with iPark Mall housing a series of electronics floors on the upper, connected to its West Wing, the East is blocked with HanGangRo MegaTrium Apartments built by ByukSan . and on the other side East of this relatively small – by current apartment complex standards – apartment complex lies emTek head office AND support center . on the way across the road – which we will NOT cross – you can see YongSan Post Office, where you can send EMS – South Korea’s equivalent of Priority Mail international, sending packages into the States well within the Week .
DSC00693_640-YongSan-Post-Office-Korea-Tech-BLog DSC00695_640-ByukSan-MegaTrium-Sauna-Korea-Tech-BLog DSC00694_640-emTek-Head-Office-Korea-Tech-BLog DSC00697_640-emTek-Support-Center-Korea-Tech-BLog DSC00710_480
they are housed in a flat two-story building, much like import-export companies near the docks in Southern California . this trip I came to exchange the fan, whose noise gets audible as a year or two pass, making a vital part of a high-caliber graphics cards dedicated to the latest gaming – of which emTek graphic cards are known for . I usually follow this ritual readying to resell after about a year or two, when resale value is the usually the best . I also clean my device like-new for the respective new owner to have a fresh start .

I started geographical access from YongSan KTX Station in the beginning up on top, but if you are coming from downtown Seoul OR East : SamGakJi Subway Station is closer, via Seoul Subway Lines 4 AND 6 . Exit No.4 and take the first Right and you are there . across the large road running parallel to the railway you can see KT telecommunications YongSan Office, un-mistakeably with a large “KT” logo atop . here you can take care of all your land-line telephone AND cellular service, with one of the best English speaking clerk (the lady at the center) who makes US personnel and their dependents feel quite at home 😉

and in between emTek alley and SamGakJi four-way crossing lies YongSan Fire Station :



so here’s to Dreams, Righteousness and Achievement,
– Korea Tech BLog –


( Christmas Eve 2012 ) due to manic behaviour from one of my beloved graphic cards, went back to their Support Center through random snow flakes . emTek is at the epitome of their popularity, as ipTime and now they even had a receptionist greeting you in, as well as warm-hot rice cakes for who need the soothing from the cold . although I won’t try it for quite some time, as they are also making main-board or mother-boards : some were here to fix that too . ofcourse on the way-up to their Support Center, they window-dressed the first floor entrance with some of their luring masterpieces .. a pleasurable sight ONLY second to Passion5 haute-bakery over at HanNamDong ~
IMG_0617_480 IMG_0611_480 IMG_0622ton640