as another Apple product is introduced States-side, then released onto some of the leading metropolis around the Globe, South Korea again remains the latter countries yet to be announced to lag behind, as preceding iPhone 5 was a whopping THREE Months after US . so at least the utmost Apple fans around the Korean Peninsula can do is to wish upon a case that may resemble the latest befitting iPhone 5C AND 5S, in pastels and Gold ..
NewGenTech Pastel iPhone 5 6 Pastel Color W9200a
NewGenTech Pastel iPhone 5 6 Pastel Color W9200b NewGenTech Pastel iPhone 5 6 Pastel Color W9200c
NewGenTech Pastel iPhone 5 Cases introduced last Year W9,000 above
shows NINE assortment of colors, of which SIX are actually available as of September 2013
in either Yellow, Pink, Violet, Yellow-Green, White or Aqua-Blue
so the light, sky-blue resembling that of Apple’s iPhone 5C is NOT available .
dimensions 125 x 60 x 10mm.

CrossLine Aluminum iPhone 5 Bumber Cases introduced this January W19,000 below
available in either Black, Grey, C.Gold, Silver, Pink, Mint, Hot-Pink or Red

boasts 0.7mm thickness, as well as leaving 0.1mm vacancy from your device
(meaning : it has thin rubber hinges on the in-side of four corners so that the 4 sides do NOT touch your iPhone sides – unless you push into them – and because of this, the case itself feels kinda loose, compared to majority of other bumpers which hold onto your iPhone by pushing inside)

another neat consideration on this model : is that it comes with a miniscule screw driver, needed to screw-in the more tinier screws PLUS a pair of extra screws – and will it come off upon usage ? is left to be seen .. and the packaging looks expensive in transparent hard-plastic, apt for a romantic gift 😉
CrossLine 0.7mm Ultra Thin iPhone 5 Bumper Case Aluminum W18450a CrossLine 0.7mm Ultra Thin iPhone 5 Bumper Case Aluminum W18450b CrossLine 0.7mm Ultra Thin iPhone 5 Bumper Case Aluminum W18450c

much like computer main-frame cases, iPhone and iPad cases, i.e., cell phone and tablet cases in large tend to be region-specific mostly because they are cheap to make, in large numbers . so most mentioned on this BLog would be available around Asia, while totally different makers and models abound in Americas and Europe . mentioning Official manufacturer’s name would also be meaningless, for they come-and-go as some inter-change companies ..

so dream-on, until iPhone 5C AND 5S makes its again-belated way onto the Korean Peninsula along with its Official cases ~ Korea Tech BLog presents the only instigation of its kind among the whole Universe : iPhone 5 encased to look AND feel like iPhone 5S (Left) and 5C (Right below) 0o0
DSC_3165lev640Alg DSC_3170lev640Alg

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