Korea may have warped onto a Technopolis, but tradition roots of an old nation remains in the minds of its people as well in business . thus a mass exodus begins during the two most celebrated holidays of ThanksGiving and Lunar New Years, as citizens flock back to their home-town to pay respect to elders, living and passed away . this is crucial as the population thrives in amassed concentration, notably the Capital of SEOUL where people crowd from all over the Peninsula .

common holidays are from September 18th Wednesday to 22nd Sunday 2013

in YongSan, SEOUL (from West, clock-wise): Electronic Land, WonHyo, HanShin, Najin, Seon-in and Terminal .

in DongRae, Busan : Busan Electronics WholeSale Market, which is lower 4 floors of a tall building a block North of Lotte Department Store – DongRae Branch .


however it is surprising : some don’t close at all OR ONLY a single day on the exact ThanksGiving Day – when most families need more than a day to return to their rural home-town . ofcourse on the other side of the coin : this is a chance to sell, as these holidays are when relatives gather, and may prefer to go out shopping together after following the traditional cultural rites and eating together – which take three hours at most .

but fully understandable to stand-out, as these few are the still-standing shopping meccas deemed as dedicated malls selling consumer electronics – even if some booths especially on higher floors or are empty reflecting recession .

(as usual geographically from West and clock-wise)

  • ShinDoRim TehnoMart at the Western boundary of SEOUL :
    will close only on September 19th Thursday
  • iPark Mall atop YongSan KTX bullet train Station, just West of downtown SEOUL :
    will close only on September 19th Thursday
  • TechnoMart at East-end of SEOUL, connected to KangByeon Subway Station :
    will be open through-out, shining its esteem as the first electronics-dedicated building 😉


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