it rains for a about two Weeks in July during Monsoon Season in the Orient . and when the sky clears the bulk of Korean people go for Summer vacation between the last Week of July (heavily concentrated on the first Week) until mid-August .

there was a time before the first Korean Olympics business used to open Saturdays until 1pm but now most including banks, post offices close Saturdays and Sundays plus any more Official holidays they can get, but in the Post-iMF era especially in the On-Line Shopping world : brick-and-mortar stores will try to open to make the Won . so it is safe to say YongSan Electronics Market will remain open throughout the Summer but delivery for WebStores (many who have office and storage in this district)

  • JeonJa (Electronics) Land just North-West of YongSan KTX Train Station used to be land-mark of this Electronics District during its early heydays, now a mere shadow of its popularity after the age of On-Line Shopping . so will open during the Summer but watch-out even now developed as a leading technologically advanced and a safe place to live : individual stores around South Korea except perhaps convenience store chains, super-marts, department stores and outlet stores will name what-ever price they wish from looking at you //
  • Seon-in SangGa – North-East of YongSan KTX Train Station – a mix of retail and consumer store-fronts : will be closed August 2 Thursday until 5 Sunday, but this building has loose entrance control so many especially on convenient lower-floors will only close during the Weekend Saturday and Sunday .
  • Najin SangGa just across North from Seon-in above, mostly adhering to wholesale and delivering to consumer stores in the area will also close during above dates, largely without exception because they are offices and storage booths .


– Haeundae for-ever, Korea Tech BLog –