following my BLog dated November 11th on Korean Apple App Store Game finally open,
games are now available also on Android portable machines since this morning .

game category in Android systems had been closed since March 2010 due to Korean Game industry Law requiring EACH game to be registered in South Korea . this was also why the Game category has been so long showing “nothing” in South Korean cell phones and iPads .

it simply was not effective for Apple nor Android-based developers to register EACH of those rather smaller games as they were available for their mobile devices .

all this comes with the amendment of Korean Game industry Law relaxing regulation concerning Mobile Open Markets from pre-registry, to individual control of mobile companies .


the nation having opened-up after an empty game category in almost TWO years only proves to show how stuck-up AND insensitive the political government is run
in THE most popular category of utmost-trendy apparatus among a nation that is now ranking at the technological peak of Global consumers .

ofcourse, NOT that Korean users have NOT been playing games all-along this time
for iPhone and iPad users have been able to use the US(disabled early-on)-to-Hong Kong accounts
and Android users switching to individual Repositories .



– Korea Tech BLog, November 2011 –