[ STEP 1 ]

early Apple iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad users would have noticed that the Game category at the App Store were disabled when using a Korea-based iTunes account .

this was due to Korean law where EACH game need to be registered .
and this was too much for a bulk of App Store games were from small third parties .

to get around this Korean users have been using either iTunes Gift Cards OR Hong Kong accounts (because earliest Korean users were able to use U.S. accounts which were blocked soon after in 2009)

but now with relaxing of this law the Game category now appeared at Korean version of App Store on Apple mobile devices just in time for Korean launch of iPhone 4S !


*this is only for iPhone and iPad
for Mac access to App Store games is still blocked if you sign onto iTunes with a Korean-based Credit Card .


[ STEP 2 ]

App Store afficionados know well of regular discounts of Apps AND Apps that monitor these to let users know .
at times the discounts are substantial selling at $0.99 what would normally cost several dollars !

so to commemorate the opening of Game Category in Korean App Store AND the end of Korea SAT (College Scholastic Ability Test) a few of App Store’s most popular games are on sale for $0.99 !

a whole bunch of games at such discount is an unusual offer, although understandable with 3 major happenings now coinciding :

  1. landing of Apple iPhone 4S on the Korean Penninsula,
  2. relaxing of game software registration law,
  3. Korean SAT test which are held annually at the second Thursday in November – a mighty test for which a whole family endures to put a youngster in a good school to compete in a Sociey with much population, thus competition duh,

although the games best to profit from these discounts are the heavy ones which are more expensive nearing $10.mark AND taking quite amount of memory storage some over 500MB,
most with stunning graphics unbelievable for mobile devices
.. they will still lag amidst playing thus in my opinion the ones best for cell phones would be the more simpler ones -_-



– Korea Tech BLog, November 2011 –