this is the first Post on this BLog with the G-word in title, and rightfully so for

incredible news on consumer technology front spread without much hype, for the 5th strongest typhoon Bolaven poised to pass West of Korea’s most modern inCheon international Airport on opening Week of August 27th 2012 .  it started last Weekend, with a couple of low-calibre price-comparison/ranking sites, listing Galaxy S3 LTE for an unprecedented W270,000 – almost a third of its original tag when introduced two Months ago 0o0

ofcourse if you look closely, there are terms :

  1. effective ONLY if you are transfering from competing cell phone carriers : SKT to KT,
  2. this set-up usually is exempt from USIM chip or card and sign-up fee,
  3. W270,000 is only for the cell phone device, to be paid in Monthly stallments over 2 years,
  4. with mandatory usage subscription of over W72,000 per Month – those that offer heavy data transfers of over 10GB,


soon after, the next business day SKT “called” the ante (Poker, folks) in offering W350,000 for KT telecommunications customers willing to switch, with similar terms .  

one might devise this an abrupt strike-back from losing patent infringemen verdict against Apple, or even an extreme strategy prior to introduction of the next model . still amazing for this is SamSung Electronics’ main flag smart phone cell phone model .

ofcourse this is among the reason why Galaxies cannot be compared side-by-side with iPhones nor iPads, for much discount has been offered by marketing callers introducing as telecommuncation branches, especially on models past its peak – sometimes given out for FREE 0o0

still when inquired, KT telecommunication was quick to note this is a discount instigated by the cell phone carrier (KT) and NOT SamSung the manufacturer, and SKT immediately contesting : theirs (discount) was a move to match the competition . and ofcourse, no Las Vegas boxing match is ever fixed .



( September 10th Update ) beginning of the Week when Apple is poised to introduce iPhone 5 : South Korean cell phone carrier networks were almost clogged, in that you almost had to wait a good half-hour to verify your subscription status . for both KT and SKT began an un-heard-of discount of SamSung Electronics’ lead smartphone Galaxy S3 over the WeekEnd . it began again lowered from the above W270,000 to W170,000 then, finally almost FREE – as long as you keep the rather strick terms mentioned above earlier .

ofcourse, the marketing reasoning goes that, if everyone goes on a Galaxy S3 switching spree no-matter-what, much fewer consumers will be left to buy the imminent iPhone 5, especially with a heftly retail price hmmm ..


( Next-Day Supplement ) evidently this was a single-day SALE, and two at most for some, to evade anguish from customers who bought at awesome retail price -_- so back to the drawing board, as Apple strikes back with iPhone 5



( September 14th Friday ) in the case of an electronics who-dun’it : SamSung Electronics started halting distributing 32GB version of their main Galaxy S3 line, and seems will be producing only 16GB from now on . all this after a manic day-or-two SALE through South Korea’s two major cellular carriers AND a day after the American unveiling of iPhone 5 0o0 so it was a ploy to unload end-of-the-line stock, on top of countering iPhone 5 purchase ?

add to this disgusting treating of local consumers, conspiracy theories abound, on Apple’s continuous belated introduction of iPhones into South Korea .


( September 15th Saturday ) a whole Week passing after the unprecendented SALE, some purchasers have NOT yet received the device – reflecting the incredible amount sold 0o0

( December 30th 2012 Sunday ) NOT even a Week since Korea Communication Commission exalted penalty on the ruling 3 cellular carriers, for indiscriminately discounting device sign-up, over the allowed W270,000, some On-Line vendors held-up FREE SamSung Galaxy Note 2 banners today . in fact it the device would be FREE with rather hefty terms of Monthly 62 Price Plan for 30-Month subscription contract, eventually paying W62,000 Monthly . thus the retail price tag of W1,090,000 could be had at W450,000 in the long run .