The NEW Apple Watch is a continuing variation than a complete over-haul, for the hardware is basically similar with only GPS additionally embed . plus slight variation of main case material and many more bands added : in essence (1) trying to add nuance by experimenting with newest neo-fusion fabric bands (2) while for brand worshipers : a two-way alternative to either get sporty in Nike neon, or the return-to classique-eternelle a-la-Hermes .
38-alu-rose-nylon-pinkblue-42-gold-nylon-toffeecaramel-select-wht940x380ariar  2up-nike-graywhite-42-hermes-singletour-deployment940x380  2up-alu-silver-sport-white-ceramic-sport-cloud940x380

(3) then at the prime and ultimate extreme of choices-of-choices : you are looking at the most basic sports Aluminum Sport versus Ceramic Cloud – Oh what lethereal naming .


*Alas all watch-bands originally made for the original Apple Watch and Series TWO are inter-changeable ! This is a good thing, especially if you’ve bought too many accessories for the initial Apple Watch in all the excitement . This give us more joy to expect the next in anticipation – ultimately a stand-alone watch, which can do almost all an iPhone can !

– Korea Tech BLog –