On-Line version of a classic Korean newspaper stated the possibility of a genuine Apple Store to open in South Korea . it is based on two counts : employment announcement of a manager to over-see Apple Care personnel AND a 20-year real-estate contract of three building land-lots owned by a single entity . the building/s currently have two under-ground and five stories above but it is likely, they leasee will build a 2~3 floor-high building in its place .

there currently is a couple of lots (under construction) that matches exactly the above listing at the very middle of GaRoSuGil at the entrance to the posh ApGuJeong in GangNam, literally translate as South of the (Han) River . this rather small alley, where small automobile can barely pass either way at a time, was cheap land-space when (then spelling) KangNam Real Estate BOOM began in the eighties (although government efforts began in the seventies, no one caught-on, so authorities instigated several procedures such as relocating SEOUL’s prestigeous high schools) thus it was ideal for small new companies to start-up in the nineties . but over the Millennium it has spawned as THE place where local as well as over-seas trend first land in all of Korea ! the former in the form of local fusion restaurants and latter foreign apparel, shoe and baggage brands . the difference with brands here is that they are smaller, fast-trend than those Gucci and Pradas already galore in major Korean department stores . but there is one catch as the whole large block is in a maze of small buildings : no huge glossy Apple Store like that of San Francisco or New York can be built here //


if true, this is no way for a Classic World Corporation to make a head-start in the realm of its major competitor, even if their intention is to down-play for starters (further rumours include ensuing larger Apple Store on the outskirts of GyeongGiDo – which then would be no different than iKEA) or this is the best they could do for now because this is Korea . they should spread their might on this ever-developing land either on the now : airport-driven island where the very McArthur landed or the Southern-most island which is being bought by the Chinese as Hawaii was by Japanese before their bubble collapse //

die-hard Apple fans throughout the Peninsula who heard this news, anticipate it will be Officially announced with the introduction of iPhone 7, PLUS and Second Generation Apple Watch in a couple of Months . the major issue at stake for local consumers is that repair, exchange and refund services is notorious as those previous brands like Sony, whose only merit was their stylish design – who made a local company or out-sourced for a unbelieveably strict warranty policy . currently Apple products are handled by carriers, what-ever Premium Shops and out-sourced repair company branches who don’t have common guild-lines .


( Good News and Bad News end of November )

  1. So it is true : Apple Store is being designed for two floors above and below ground, and built right at this spot .
  2. However, it is previewed to be finished and open on fourth quarter next year 2017 .

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