Apple announced last Friday February 29 2016 : they are recalling two-prong European-plug adapters due to safety concerns in extreme conditions . this is the small two-piece square-type adapters, where you can change the actual plug-end often called “duck head” depending upon country for use, compatible with iPhones prior to the newer 6 which come in one-piece .
This ReCall concerns :

  1. Genuine Apple products sold for use in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Argentina and Brazil .
  2. if there is a 4~5 digit number, or NOT at all in the inner pit of the duck head .


BUT does NOT effect :

  •  duck head where 3-digit alphabet letter code depending on country for use, is printed like ‘EUR’.


Official Notice ≫LiNK


This ReCall effects Korean models largely, and although they are said to require your serial number, of the device it came with : all who have exchanged the past two days, seem to have simply passed-by one of the out-sourced support center throughout the Peninsula .

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