OK again let’s start with Star Wars Opening Crawl :
” it is a time of immense mobile-battle, with domestic SamSung ever-pitting against World-dominating Apple in its genre . LG, although the second electronics mogul in Korea : has only produced sporadic hits in laptops and wide-panel TV’s .. more-over, their cell phone line was plagued with difficult Korean character input style ..”


but a fuNNy thing happened on the way to the Forum Oh, I mean on the overtly passive LG Electronics smart-phone line : they bundled their Quad Beat earphone with their Optimus G, and it got uncomparably so popular than the cell phone itself ?! introduced end of September 2012 but earphone itself actually available a Month later, to sell-out and another sporadic sales end of November in limited quantity – comes in either White or Black .


[ SOUND ] the entity that keeps us sane, other than wine ..

OK, from here-on : the World is your oyster, and choosing an earphone is really up to your own taste and style . for some are suckers for visual design of the exterior look, or merely want an all-in-one best bang-for-the-buck general earphone, while others die for high-tones while some would have none other than stomach-punching umph in bass . still some want out-right dynamics, while the most professional may insist on pure sound as it is . and on this note : I am in between dynamics and bass .

so on initial trial with Apple’s original earphone AND the new EarPod introduced October 2012, so in comparison with the original iPhone earphone as a guide-line :

  1. the original Apple ear-phone coming with iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S is your most general variety, good for everyone as an easy slide-on ear-bud type . and music somes to you un-intruding .
  2. the new EarPod gave deep, heavier bass (ofcourse there is a limit to how much stomach-punching umph such a tiny device can deliver, so it is relative) and sounds “full” over-all – which you later find to be quite artificial or rather superficial //
    (both above are hard-plastic hang-in type)
  3. while LG Electronics Optimus G-bundled Quad Beat’s ear-plugs are soft plug-in in-ear type AND comes with THREE slightly different size rubbers to fit into your ears, one smaller AND one larger than the one fitted-in, and it should deep to get the sound it intends . now you feel dynamics . high tones shoot sharper directly onto your ears, while bass is NOT heavy as on above EarPod but is strong enough with more straight punch than belly-umph //

[ DESIGN ] still sleek exterior design-wise, I prefer EarPods most than Apple earphone and Quad Beat last on this line-up, though the latter still is much sought-after for its design – especially girls, with slight resemblance to Dr.Dre 😉

  • total length 119.5 cm or 47 inches
  • Y-split portion 34.2 cm or 13.5 inches long

[ COMFORT ] here Apple EarPod wins no-contest, as it snugs ergonomically around your inner ear lobes . the round plastic tips coming with Quad Beat, although much soft intended to mold into your inner ears is quite blocking to a body’s sensitive portion, even when choosing your right size out of the THREE supplied . also a paradox on Quad Beat’s in-ear tips : the smaller may fit in more comfortably, but a larger one of the three included, will give more heavier bass .

[ SUPPORT ] while an earphone rarely needs product nor customers support (ofcourse the cheaper variety does, and in paradox for they have virtually NiL of any /real/ support even though marketing or box print inscripts mis-leading content) Jesus, Quad Beat is supported by LG Electronics running in par (still a notch below) with Korea’s God-Father SamSung . so NO contest on this count . people : Apple does NOT have the same, actually far-from it – the support you are used to States-side -_-




  • [Q] Jesus, What is the big deal about this earphone, that comes with a cell phone ?
    [A] you said it : for it is one of the best earphones to-date included in a smart-phone package, better than even competing iPhone line .
  • [Q] how is its BANG-FOR-THE-BUCK ?
  • [A] there is a grey line here, for it is NOT sold separately, like Apple’s . but considering you can buy one at an LG Electronics support center, supposedly implying you “lost the original one that came with your Optimus G” for less than W30,000 : its quality is impressively AND surprisingly comparable to one over W120,000 😉 roughly $25 and $110 respectively in US Dollars 0o0
  • [Q] Can I buy the earphone only ?
    [A] You cannot buy it separately unless purchased with the Android smart-phone, but some sales do exist due to its sudden popularity .
  • [Q] I searched local stores as well as electronic discount outlets, then all over the internet, but there just don’t seem to be a store selling it . How come ?
    [A] a rag-tag few sellers have sold on American eBay, as well as within South Korea, soon to be either sold-out or infringed by its license holder .
  • [Q] is there a way I can get it in its production country of South Korea, then ?
    [A] yes there seem to be more opportunities locally than abroad, for the last 3 Months since it was released . however, the very few close after being sold-out, to re-open with fresh batch . looking-back : it sold last October, to be shut down a Month, then re-appearing in December . then the Special Edition suddenly introduced late-January .
  • [Q] is it quite popular in South Korea ?
    [A] NO, the general populace still aren’t aware of its existence . it all started with a favourable review from a tech site abroad, and those who are sensitive to listening music on mobile device prompted initial sales .


– Korea Tech BLog, in a confusing time-line between an unprecedented nation-wide bus strike, touble-some Naro rocket and the belated release of iPhone 5 –