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on the Western side of the Capital, a land-mark island lays with Senate Hall and 5.16 Revolution Park to its West and mostly business buildings with MBC BroadCasting Station at its Center, then SEOUL’s earlier apartment complexes to its East ending with 63 Floor Building of the same name . a new complex rose amid this old island developed in 2012 with a name familiar to many developed cities around the World in iFC Mall . the whole complex is rather small in land-mass size, comprised of three iFC Towers, Conrad Hotel and this Mall accessed two blocks North-West of :

SEOUL Subway Lines 5 and 9 Exits 3 and 4 . the Mall portion is shaped in the form of a large triangle so you can literally shop “around”, dug three floors-deep inder-ground . and because this is NOT directly connected to any subway station like all others, and that the shopping portion is under-ground : there are seldom many shoppers here aside from business people who work in the surrounding building coming-out for lunch . so there would be much less shoppers if the movie theatre wasn’t there . so-much-so that the Apple-contracted store on the second under-ground level is a nice place to purchase a new model without having to wait in line . and that is why I adore this place although I myself too, have to spend my own time trying to access here .

  1. B1F is dedicated to Global designer brand-name clothes,
  2. B2F has more affordable Sports-wear brands and YeongPoong BookStore which do not carry as much as English and Japaness books as Kyobo or Bandi-n-Lunis .
  3. B3F is comprise of classy fusion restaurants with CGV Movie Theatre on the corner, where large bill-boards from the time of initial Avengers was gone but had displays of many of its super-heroes on both coffee shop halls at their entrance .

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here Avengers Age of Ultron shows it 4DX plus SoundX – CGV’s own multi-simulation effects and multi-dimensional sound system . so this would be the ultimate experience closest to reality, but not near the largest screens Starium or iMAX offers .

in choose which seat to reserve : I have previously experienced 4DX on the first Avengers movie at CGV’s pristigeous deluxe-class Cine-City at prime real-estate property in the middle of riche KangNam . there I sat 1/3 towards the front and was much realistic than 2/3 towards the rear . I would say up-front and back towards half of the seats would give you realism and ofcourse on the center row block (each consisting of four seats).

there are a series of large flash-lights on both sides of the hall high-above, lightening during thunder or high-sky scenes where the whole place lights-up to give you feel you really are flying up, in the air !
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[ 4DX MOTION-SIMULATION SEATS ] you reserve your seats first on your iPhone or smart-phone, thus this theatre is pretty large than expected, mostly because the seats are larger . each seat has :

  • two tiny holes behind the head-rest which sprays-out water to the person behind,
  • two tiny on the head-rest to blow air onto your head,
  • massage throd onto the middle of your back spine, which is bit distracting : constantly reminding you this is originally made from massage chairs -_-
  • an LED-lit button on your hand-rest for you to choose : if you prefer water-spray or not,
  • I am not sure if there was a massge throd on the bottom of your thighs – for I think there was on my previous 4DX either at CGV YongSan or ChungDam Cine City ..
  • feet-rest which you need, as the whole chair will move up-and-down as well as swivel side-ways and front-and-back .


[ CHAIR MOVEMENT ] scenes when chair movement was the most intensive, almost like a hard earth-quake were in order of perceived strength :

  1. iron Man on Veronica armour to stop Hulk, gone-mad destroying African City,
  2. as Sokovia City explodes in the air,
  3. iron Man fighting Ultron,


[ AIR BLOWS ] (from the seat head-rest) was over-all unconscious aside from that quick-short minute when a dart flew past Right-to-Left once at Hawkeye farm . now this is quite different from stronger wind that would be blowing from a large fan up-front, which makes quite an experience when iron Man is flying .. reaching it pinnacle when the Heli-Carrier rise above the clouds .

[ WATER SPRAY ] although I had mine turned-off (but from past experiece it is not at all extreme that you will need a rain-coat) felt tiny bits from those seats surround me : when the exploded parts of Sokovia city splash onto the sea .

[ SMELL ] although they note this will be present, thus anticipated : did not feel at all, except the slight fungus that you note when turning-on an air conditioner after a Winter’s sleep, when some air or water was sprayed near your seat .



the air blown, with unexpected chair movements would make your hair a mess when you exit the theatre after the movie, and should be a bit dizzy walking if this is your first 4DX experience . further-more expect your whole body in a bit scattered after-shock mode when you wake-up the next morning, that you won’t want to cook and seek to eat-out at a nice restaurant .

– Korea Tech BLog –
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