So we’ve come this far . a whopping 8TB in a single hard disk drive . although amazing, common local feeling before buying is worrying what if this whole capacity goes kaput with all your data . but the speed seem so much different than preceding 4TB drives, although may drag as you near full-capacity . still it is hotter than any hard disk I have ever had, as you won’t be able to hold it while moving files – but perhaps touch though .
Seagate 8TB Archive HDD ST8000AS0002 introduced December 2015
SATA3 6GB/s 5900RPM 128MB Memory 8.9cm 3.5″slot

priced W299,000 lowest at larger On-Line discount stores, while some offer same-day delivery around YongSan in Metropolitan SEOUL . better take this option or else pick it up yourself than the now-common next-day delivery throughout the Peninsula, as you won’t want anything to happen to a device with constant-moving parts .

also offers 3-year warranty as the more expensive drives (over W200,000) in a stingy time when the major makers SeaGate and Western Digital both offer only 2 years . Only Hitachi still offers 3 years on affordable drives .


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