First-of-all : Why ?

[ Actual Selling Price of WD Red 8TB Hard Drive model WD80EFAX encased inside EasyStore USB 3.0 Externan Drive ]
  • was USD $299.99 at States-side BestBuy
  • then Jesus $129.99 on Black Friday
  • $199.99 Second Week of December 2017
  • Now $149.99 Week before Christmas

all-the-while its stand-alone (HDD only model WD80EFZX) 128MB Memory version is selling for W370,000 at the most discounted over South Korea !!! so like, purchase two in the States and bring it over to make it cheaper than one if bought here //


(1) Purchase the one Made in Thailand

now as I use many HDD’s, I’ve tried several know-how’s both from abroad and local to eventually find the best tools and method to ply-open in mere 15 seconds flat . now this is just to open the outer casing to verify if it has 256MB memory inside (as those Made in Thailand should, unlike China : 128MB).


(2) Tools needed to open the exterior case

  • four credit or membership cards : membership cards without engraved letters and numbers work better, and utilize ones you don’t use past expiration, as the corners of low-grade cards will crack even after initial use !
  • Japanese 150mm metal ruler bought in either Kyobo or Alpha stationery stores throughout South Korea – as the ones in your neighborhood may not have it .

20171217_155027ComSMS1k563 20171217_155142ComSMS1k563 20171217_155222ComSMS1k563

(3) How to open its casing

most YouTube videos showing how to open this, goes-on from the beginning inserting cards all-over the corners, but it is better to understand how and where, the inside and covers are clipped-together on photos below : the whole concept is like a (Bible-size) book-cover with two indentions different on each side .

  1. First insert your first card all through0ut all inner corners where the inner device portion meet outer cover, to loosen-up .
  2. insert four cards exactly where the four clicking points are : two on each side .
  3. insert the rounded end of the metal ruler into the bottom-end and twist it (the ruler) for the inner device part to slide-away a bit . then do the same onto top-end which should make a good space for you to put your fingers inside to slide away the cover .


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