Sure nothing beats input devices than the good-ol’dependable Microsoft and Logitech . but Microsoft do NOT introduce all their latest state-of-the-art models into Korea and somehow their wireless2.4Ghz frequency interferes with other peripherals over the Peninsula . Logitech also distributes cool-looking PC speakers too . ofcourse products from these two are the most expensive, but lasted the longest and had no-questions asked support in on-the-spot exchange in place of repair when something goes wrong .

but again nothing good lasts for-ever, and while Microsoft is now less known for their mouse than keyboards, Logitech has out-sourced their repair to the support division TGS of the old Korean PC computer and laptop maker TG Sambo, and they simply allot much of responsibility to user abuse, denying exchange when something goes wrong . but there are now enough manufacturers and distributors, much cheap still is a matter of finding the most dependable one as a mouse defect can rise over a year . so I have to look to user reviews and how their support personnel care to them on On-Line communities . the two I have picked : one wired and another wireless respectively have an enormous following in South Korea . and it isn’t coincidence that both offer colors aside from the too-common sheer black .
Matill-Tron-G10-111_01a700AgenFBR  Matill-Tron-G10-111_01d600x497AgenFBR  Matill-Tron-G10-111_03clev800x700
Maxtill Tron G10 Professional Gaming Mouse W20,000 introduced November 2011
7-button wired gold-pated USB – Avago 3050 sensor – sensitivity 4000 dpi – scan rate 6600 fps – acceleration 20G – Omron switch 123 x 66 x 38mm 106 g.

– available in four editions of rubber coating, matt black, PC Room and white special –

from a relately new company making mouse, keyboard and headsets . this seem to be the best bet today, if you’re seeking a wired mouse even if not for gaming . what a joy as you can choose a glossy-white model, and portions of it blink slowly in designated dpi-color – as if it is alive 😉 the size is quite large for a compact age, although rather flat and long than wide, thus ample for even bigger hands .

SkyDigital-NMouse-W7-Marathon111_01blev600AgenFBR  SkyDigital-NMouse-W7-Marathon111_04b600x533AgenFBR  SkyDigital-NMouse-W7-Marathon111_02bat600x533  SkyDigital-NMouse-W7-Marathon111_03&4lev600
Sky Digital NMouse W7 Marathon Black Wireless Mouse (NEW) W14,000 introduced July 2015
5-button wireless USB – sensitivity 2000 dpi – 98 x 56 x 34mm 56 g.

– provides extra top flap so total 2 of black and red –

from a company that started distributing sound card and PC speakers in 1999, now selling keyboard, mouse, video capture cards, power source and external HDD drives .

choice in wireless shrink much than in choosing a wired model, for it requires more technology in steady connection . the official product photos seem misleading, as this is a mini-mouse – out-right small for general use so much geared for travel and not even for toting between home and office . more-over it is quite thin width-wise and the exterior is matt .

*another big short-coming is that the side buttons of forward-and-back is opposite than other normal manufacturers . meaning : the forward button up front returns you web-page to the one before, and the back button pushes you to the next web-page . this is solved by downloading and installing a tiny program available at their website, but in my experience does not work perfectly : like it all coming into effect after you put it back into default, and somehow the setting reverts on its own after few days . thus best NOT pick this model if you need those two buttons as for extensive surfin’on the .Net //

at the time of this writing the basic package includes an extra top-flap so you can use either black or red . the top comes off as it is from the top you exchange batteries .



ofcourse any mouse need to used at least a year, to verify its steady operation, where pointers of low-cost ones often go havoc . the merit of these popular models come from the fact that their support personnel react immediately to inquiries as well as repair (at user forums as well as their own website), but a truely good mouse shouldn’t have any problems for at least three years . but that is only the inside operation of software and hardware, because on a device that is constantly handled during computer-use : the outer physical make counts, where even the biggies Microsoft and Logitech models all too often pear-off after about a year of full-use //


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