I recommend PC cases every three years-or-so, reflecting the evolving style of home and office computing . although most systems will endure even the recent heat-wave that hit full-Summer 2016 over the Korean Peninsula, unless over-clocked extensively this time around cases that have suction vents underneath and with fine filter to keep dust-out . also added a somewhat smaller scale to accommodate  popular Micro-ATX mainboard or motherboards, or else try to put-in at leat 5 or 6 six HDD hard drives for graphic, video files and games . as a rule-of-thumb you would want to wait a year or two after a new case is released to look-out for reviews and ready for dedicated parts or accessories from the manufacturer . all below are among the popular so no worry if you need to sell after trial, and prices are lowest On-Line so actual may be a tad more :
above DaeYang Case ENIX USB 3.0 Full Acryle Window White W29,000
435 x h502 x 205mm accommodates ATX and Micro-ATX
with maximum graphics card length 36cm,
plus two 5.25″ ODD bays and two 3.5″ HDD trays, introduced July 2016

below Micronix Frontier ARC-3000 White (or Black) W48,000
450 x h505 x 210mm for ATX, Micro and Mini-ATX introduced October 2015
for graphics cards 27~38cm long,
has two 5.25″ ODD bays and six (plus one optional) 3.5″ HDD trays
MicronicsFrontierARC-3000W550x700 arc-3000-white-db_16-5c800x850kokii

two variation of 3RSys Expresso USB 3.0 above for video card length 395mm :
E600 Expresso SG for W41,000 introduced March 2015
480 x h500 x 210mm with two 5.25″ ODD and 1+1+3 3.5″ HDD trays

E610 Expresso GT at W48,000 introduced October 2015
472 x h501 x 210mm with two 5.25″ ODD and 1+2+2 3.5″ HDD trays
3RSyse600_black_contents_03_800px1x822Kokii– Korea Tech BLog at end-of-Summer 2016 –