Company-of-Heroes-2-Stalingrad like the movie ‘Enemy at the Gates’ the second installation (although the first installation released in September 2006 alone had several expansions) of the popular WWii game released June 2013, begins with a grand scene where poor Russian conscripts, are endlessly re-enforced onto Stalingrad from the banks of Volga River . this is up-front at the first Mission than historical time-line, perhaps for the gamer to experience sheer numbers of soldiers being poured-into the doomed battlefield-city .

play-through is similar to preceding COH installations so you can begin straight out-of-the-box, but as from past experience you felt American G.i.’s cunningly effective and German Nazi’s technologically advance in machinery, here you ever-feel presence of the two : human resource and burning, just as the Russian Empire did to save themselves from Napoleon in the classic movie ‘War and Peace’.