this Post is dedicated to the first West Coast Computer Faire held in San Francisco in 1977. and the latter arrival of COMDEX – to its efficient operation as well as short-comings in reality . for industry-specific international conventions is the key to Global business Post-Millennium . may the miracles of those who yearned for a dream and financial support, console those who were conned onto other dubious trade-dubbed shows .
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a movie is a movie, and this one although B in stature and apt for television than the now-intelligent big screen . a concise docu-drama of a mighty entrepreneur who literally (in mobile) changed the World as we know it, and live over the Millennium . accentuating all the essential parts AND skipping repetitive portions in his a-m-a-z-i-n-g adult life . from the very start of a historical convention, he speaks with such assured pride, fluidly continued to this day AND imitated by wanna-be’s around the World, when trying to introduce any thing new – even though continuing its strucken-ritual of hiring the most expensive star at-the-moment to advertise .

(enter Yoda) but flawed its acting is, as Ashton Kutcher artificially tries to crouch as Steve Jobs, while Giles Matthey unleashes the creeps, when expressing industrial design inspirations to the exact British tone of Jonathan ive ~ “I think, I think you believed that the computer, or the WalkMan, or what-ever it may be .. should be a natural extension of the individual . and it’s that mission, that devotion to quality and ideals, and heart .. that’s what keeps us here .. that we might do it once more .”


then ofcourse to unrelenting followers of its aspiring competition, whose latest wishful-rumour says Apple will soon be dead because its leader is :

– Korea Tech BLog, just after verifying the silhouette of iPhone 5S –