in an alternate history of another “what if’s” ..
a number of superheroes emerged around 1940 U.S.A.
and the Vietnam War was won by Nixon infiltrating them into,
then they are outlawed in consideration for everyday citizens .

some had retired while some worked for the government or held their own business .
but as the Cold War counts down to an all-out Nuclear War
one of the superheroes told to be “knocking off Marxist republics in South America” is killed
and the alumni re-emerge one by one to find out “if someone is picking off costumed heroes” .

. . .

to the gruesome tune of Heath Ledger’s humanely eratic Joker role in the Dark Knight, in Batman’s darkest night ever,
WatchMen reminds us of an undeniable reality where superheroes come to question
if cowboys were the villains and the indians were the good guys .

in the end you are left wondering if peace must be sustained even at the price of vain, precious lives
but with a condolence that there is an incredibly vast Universe out there
where ideally with the right combination AND play of chance
justice may be achieved and even the yearning dead brought back,
but again at that stage Life, as we know it, may not be a necessity at all ..

all the while, look-alikes of historic figures from JFK to Andy Warhol is impressive .

if you are the sort who reads this kind of BLog
I am sure you will have more questions viewing
WatchMen released March 5th can be viewed on IMAX in 5 CGV locations in South Korea :


CGV IMAX YongSan the FIRST IMAX theatre in South Korea, located at the 6th floor of eMart building,
within the humongous iPark Mall complex, which also houses YongSan KTX bullet train Station .
( just to remind you this complex is connected via overhead passage into Bus Terminal SanGa/Market
which is one of the main shopping buildings comprising YongSan Electronics Market/District )

– Seoul Subway Line 1 YongSan Station KTX Train Exit go up to 3rd floor waiting area then out to iPark Mall event arena and take exterior stairs, or
– Subway Line 4 ShinYongSan Station Exit 4 then right of station arena is eMart building, take elevator or escallator to 6th floor .
[SHOW TIME] 9:20 am, 12:45, 4:10, 7:35, 11 pm.


CGV IMAX WangSimNi has the largest screen in South Korea (22 x 14 m)
built on top of the old WangSimNi Train Station in the East side downtown Seoul
thus a very cluttered area with many ways to access CGV, some of which are :
( easier to take the underground passage though closed late nights )

– Main Train Line WangSimNi Statiion 2nd floor : take the escalator next to Baskin Robins or elevator in front of eMart Customer Service Desk,
– Seoul Subway Line 2 WangSimNi Station Exit 6 same as above,
– Seoul Subway Line 5 WangSimNi Station Exit 5 and to 1st floor : take elevator next to DunKin Donuts .
[SHOWTIME] 9:30 am, 12:50, 4:15, 7:40, 11 pm.


CGV IMAX iLSan mid-town iLSan in one the vast satellite cities built around the Capital, comprised of endless rows of modern apartments North-West of Seoul .
– SubWay Line 3 Madoo Station Exit 4 : at the 2nd block seeing large KT Building, turn left and is on your right and the nxt 2nd block, or
– same line JungBaLSan Station Exit 1 : after the 3rd block (across from KT Building) turn right, and will be in front of you at the 2nd block .
[SHOWTIME] 9:30 am, 12:55, 4:20, 7:45, 11:10 pm.


CGV IMAX DaeGu (TaeGu) sorry, only showing until March 11th.
located one large block South of DaeGu (TaeGu) KTX bullet train station .
( across road South is Kyobo BookStore with English and Japanese section )
– DaeGu Subway Line 1 JoongAngRo (Central Road) Station Exit 3 turn around you are there at Young Plaza Department Store .

CGV IMAX SeoMyon in Busan (Pusan) only showing until March 18th.
aprox.5 large blocks South-East of fashionable SeoMyon, not far from Kyobo BookStore .
– Busan Subway Line 2 JeonPo Station Exit 1 walk straight and is over the right on the next block along with a large supermart .

more about the area of above movie theatres in my inFo Pages :
Mammoth Shopping Complexes in South Korea
and Major Shopping Areas in South Korea .


horray to the heroes in plainclothes !