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as the chairman of SamSung Electronics’ health is ailing, so is its smart-phone line which once shined in glory across the World . aside from declining sales in mainland China, they have some-what acknowledged how cheaper their smartphone actually is, by refusing to Officially reveal how much discount or rebate they gave to telecommunication companies until now and in the future . in short : they may have been selling cheaper products at higher price, in order to keep status level up-in-par with Apple’s – which you do eventually realize when using each for several Months .

in contrast : Apple’s iPhone is about to make a come-back when all Hope (Star Wars : Episode iV) in the doldrums . in a surprising turn : it is the Korean telecommunication companies a.k.a. cellular carriers who are going to offer unprecedented generous terms to boost iPhone 6 and Plus sales .


a full Week to October 31 Friday roll-out : actual discount or rebate price when signing onto one is still not known . but the first round of early reservation is full, and now taking their second round . these are reservations you can cancel when you receive a confirmation call just before iPhone 6 and Plus is ready to ship-out over South Korea .

three major cellular carriers KT, SKT and LG U Plus are offering a mix of service including (much is intended to counter-balance iPhone’s weak and even undependable product support around the Korean Peninsula):

  • 50% OFF device insurance (Korean carriers have offered extra insurance on top of Apple’s, when you sign-up on a new phone – about W3000 or 4000 per Month depending on your plan)
  • they will rent you a temporary phone up to two Weeks, while yours is in repair .


– so now taking 6 AND PLUS duh, Korea Tech BLog –


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