it’s Christmas Eve all-over the Korean Peninsula, as Lucky some : while at the end of another tiring business day : dropped by their local KT Telecommunications branch where they had reserved their die-hard iPhone 6/Plus two Weeks earlier . to joyfully hear that shipment has come-in and they can take it home NOW – but actual sign-on will be tomorrow, yeppee ~ then some got phone messages to pick theirs up tomorrow Friday, Saturday or even Sunday . it is D-1 10pm at night and some are still getting messages, so these branches as well as what-ever Apple ReSellers are too . some fans are witnessing local branches still open (their doors literally), waiting for their iPhone 6 and Plus shipment . and some getting ship-out message from next-day couriers called “Taek-Bae” here .

competitions’ witch-magic ain’t working tonight : for post-boards abound with cries of joy, translated to the tune of “Alas, iPhone IS Good ! Yihaa~”


and for those who haven’t reserved, or out to snatch another : rather short lines started forming at eMart – one of the larger conglomerate Super-Marts in South Korea, then some too at larger ReSeller Branches around sun-down – note : it is not in the Korean-psyche to line-up : which you can witness reluctantly at bus stops and subway platforms (stark contrast to neighboring Taiwan where queue is a form of daily art). but weather forecast is continuous rain Friday, Saturday AND Sunday .. or is the Lord over-whelmed with emotions of joy ?

then a few ReSellers are having their iPhone 6 and Plus Early-Bird Event mostly at their largest/main branch, where they will open shop slightly early in the morning and give-out random prizes .

notably the most festive mood is at South Korea’s third cellular carrier LG U Plus . they are broadcasting LIVE on their blog : preparing for 7am early event tomorrow morning at their SeoCho, COEX and DaeGu direct-operated branches . they will be offering one of the most extensive lottery and discount to buy along with your NEW iPhone 6 or Plus, including five LED TV’s and 50% OFF on dedicated LCD screen protector film, case and Lightning Cable .



– and me ? Korea Tech BLog –


( closing mid-night in-stock ) even smaller telecommunications branches at remote locations, seem to have ample 16GB about 30-ish iPhone 6, while only a few of 64GB . and none 128GB until next Tuesday .

( And Come Friday Morning ) beginning 7am some Apple-contracted ReSellers or Shops or what-ever .. opened, some at their own open time, only few die-hard fans were seen waiting and passers-by took phone shots as again: lining-up to buy something – not to mention to ride a bus or train – this is not really in the Korean psche .

Apple’s only Official Store in South Korea which is On-Line opened a few minutes after 9am, while before they had opened even 2am and some 8am . again the big merit of buying here is its no-questions-asked 30-day Refund Policy which Apple Korea has stuck to from the beginning, although you have to pay full-retain price . at the beginning : iPhone 6 ship-out time was expected within 5~7 business days, and a Week to two for Plus, which immediately extended as minutes passed . obviously larger capacity Plus seem short on supply or more in demand as their shipping time got soon longer while iPhone 16GB remained virtually the same .



the big irony of this whole ritual was that actual discount amount from telecommunication companies were not known at the time of early reservation and consumers only got it at the last minute, thus given the choice to accept or cancel via phone messaging . this is the only reason you sign-up with a carrier aside from the fact that they give insurance on top of Apple’s on mal-operation, destruction and even theft ! at a general amount of about W3000~4000 per Month .

overall : iPhone 6 and Plus is somewhat expensive than preceding 5S, concerning discounted price from telecommunication companies of KT, SKT and LGT . discounted somewhere between W100,000 and 200,000 depending upon your model and subscription plan . but this time : you get more discount on cheaper models and if you subscribe to higher usage plan .



( D-Day Friday Afternoon Update ) a scene not seen for a while : Apple ReSeller Shops are buggling with anticipate to-be-buyers trying to get or try-out the NEW iPhone 6 and Plus . and incredible as it is : ample 16GB and 64GB in-stock with 128GB running-out just after Lunch time at the representable Apple ReSeller Shops of Shops in South Korea : Frisbee main branch at the heart of SEOUL’s classic fashion mecca : MyeongDong 😉

( Evening Update ) one of the joys of such a festive day is glancing thru the sometimes-quite-ghost-townish Apple user forums around Korean CyberSpace . up-side is a personal Thread of the first buyer at South Korea’s largest telecommunication HeadQuarters dubbed Olleh Square right next to the American Embassy, then a once-so-lucky buyer who dropped his exiting a store to crack its LCD screen on his first iPhone 6 -_-

over-all it is this KT which seem to have the most received the most stock of iPhone 6 and Plus, and as the day ends : other carriers are joining on an out-right competition to sell-out their remaining iPhone 6 16GB – at W440,000 with two-years subscription lowest so-far !


( D+4 Monday Update ) those who ordered on Apple’s only Official Store in South Korea which is On-Line, as soon as they opened 9am Friday (seems they are using both DHL and TNT air courier services considering the bulk amount):

  • iPhone 6 just left China Saturday, to arrive by Wednesday,
  • and Plus left today to arrive well within this Week “V”


( November 28th WeekEnd Update ) Well, there ain’t NO such SALE concept in the Orient as Black Friday -_- but what it seems distribution has finally caught-up in-par to un-contested demand throughout Asia : iPhone 6 is noticed to ship in 3~5 Days, while Plus : 5~7 Days from purchase into South Korea on all colors in silver, gold and space-grey as well as capacities in 16, 64 and 128GB. the purchase-to-shipping time wait duration had been almost 4 good Weeks until now -_-

( December 16th Tuesday ) ’tis a Week before Christmas : The Lord has chosen to lender mercy on Korean users, as deliver time when purchased on its Official On-Line Store has just been reduced to mere one to three days WoHaa ~ even on Gold-color, higher-capacity models .. to witness a miraculously joyful moment – when an immensely popular product can finally meet over-whelming demand 😉



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