ipTime A6004NS WireLess router introduced September 2015
at a whopping W199,000 lowest at larger On-Line discount OutLets

  • ipTime largely dominates domestic wireless router market in South Korea, more-or-less taking the middle-price range sector
  • although they have been several steps (years) late in introducing high-end models, where the likes of American NetGear and Taiwanese Asus with longer history hold throne; although I should note : foreign models don’t connect well in South Korea amidst conspiracy theories .
  • while simple no-thrills, dirty-cheap models abound from China


  • wireless network as well as USB transmission speeds have probably come to its limits on today’s technology at similar price range, so manufacturers try to improve on other points such as :
  • RAM memory increase from previous 256 to 512MB indicates it will thrive when more devices try to connect,
  • and as ipTime routers tend to go dead when over-heated – thus not stable enough for serious business – they have added a small cooling fan on this model
  • finally have added option to choose an unprecedented black-color model aside from the continuous line of pure solid-whites .


thus won’t be worth its W200,000 price : double that of their runner-up model A5004NS, when popular mid-range wireless routers can be had for about W50,000


– um NOT this one though, Korea Tech BLog –