Again and always : home-base of Apple Korean competitor has NOT been included in the first NOR second tier of countries for their latest iPhone 6S and PLUS to be released . in considering to purchase one for use in South Korea : you have to keep two things in mind :

  1. whether it’s frequency will be compatible with South Korea
  2. and will Official Apple Warranty be valid


as a rule of thumb : fully paid iPhones 6’s, later and unLocked SIM-free versions from T-Mobile and Verizon will work, but those sold at Apple Stores in neighboring Japan, Hong Kong and Australia should be fully Warrantied in South Korea as well . what you are looking for here is Official model number A1688 for iPhone 6S and A1687 for PLUS .


[ Unites States America ]

iPhone 6, 6S and PLUS full-payment and carrier-unLocked SIM-free versions purchased in the States will be usable . but note full-payment does is NOT the same as carrier-unLocked nor SIM-free . you are likely to get confusing replies from Official Apple HotLine or clerks at nation-wide Apple Stores, but will be easier for you if you keep in mind : this is all to avoid people buying tons to ship-our for use in india //

if you have a choice : T-Mobile has been compatible and Verizon from iPhone 6 and PLUS .

valid carriers in South Korea has been SKT and KT, plus LGT has been added from iPhone 6 and PLUS .

even though the same model numbers : they aren’t /exactly/ the same . for what it’s worth to you : due to personal security laws US iPhones do NOT make a “click” when taking photos, while Japanese and Korean models do make quite a noisy sound when taking pictures //


( Supplementary ) from October 8 Thursday, a new option of “SIM-free” has appeared when purchasing at the Official Apple WebSite . this is around the middle on your Right column after choosing the model name, color, capacity, then carrier . but be careful as they are model numbers A1633 for iPhone 6S and A1634 for PLUS, thus NOT compatible in South Korea – instead : stick to full-paid either Verizon or T-Mobile .



a relatively small Apple Store on Japan’s Northern-most island of Hokkaido, in the city of Sapporo getting ready on the eve of iPhone 6S release – Thursday September 24 2015
[ Japan ]

as surprising for a country although mere gathering of islands, whose 30% of cellular users carry iPhones : there are only 7 Official Apple Stores in all of Japans . and all iPhones sold here are unLocked SIM-free version whose model numbers are identical to those to be sold in South Korea, thus fully Warrantied but after they begin selling in South Korea – expected to be end of October 2015 .

  • iPhone 6S model number A1688
  • iPhone 6S PLUS model number A1687


One More Thing : while we are on the subject of Warranty . Apple Care Plus is non-existent in South Korea as there is NO Official Apple Store except one On-Line, still offering a generous (by Korean standards) 30-day Refund policy . instead only bare-bone Apple Care . the difference is that the former offers to exchange your watch or phone to a new one twice at extra cost, while the latter is a simple extension of another year .



[ iPhone 6S and PLUS LiNKS ]
  • 15.9.20 UnLocked SIM-free iPhone 6S Plus ≫LiNK
  • 15.9.30 Verify SamSung OR TSMC A9 Processor ON iPhone 6S PLUS ≫LiNK
  • 15.10.1 Apple iPhone 6S PLUS AND The Existence of God ≫LiNK
  • 15.10.1 iPhone 6S PLUS 128GB Rose Gold Availability ≫LiNK
  • 15.10.1 iPhone 6S PLUS Release Korea ≫LiNK
  • 15.10.1 Rasta Banana TuneWear Semi-Hard Case for iPhone 6S PLUS ≫LiNK
  • 15.10.8 apple-iphone-6s-plus-reservation-system ≫LiNK


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