South Korea’s wireless router monopoly ipTime has been implementing their NAS network-attached-storage on models ending with NS, in their line-up aggressively from this Spring 2013 – which makes a hard disk drive attached to the newer line of routers, accessible without keeping your computer always on . in-time to coincide with their ipDISK, which designates drives and folders IN your computer, to be similarily accessible throughout various devices including laptops, notebooks, iPhones and iPads .

however, up-to beginning of Summer 2013 this plagued with problems, so much so that early users deem it “junk”, as it is notoriously unstable . meaning : the network folder/s show and then disappear at random, with more problems on iPhone and iPad ipDisk app than on computers . reminding that local companies cannot shun their old tradition, still upon which becoming a technological power : let the early consumers be the Guinea pig, and save on research and development ! well at least they cannot abide by the /other/ motto, for they are lesser manufacturers to copy from, at the top .. so until their NAS kicks-off into over-all compatibility, probably with eventual firmware updates : a basic translation of USB-access menu in their latest top-end model .
 130728 ipTime USB1-Korea-Tech-BLog 130728 ipTime USB2-Korea-Tech-BLog


( ipDISK app set-up on your iPhone/iPad )


  1. ipDISK address (this will be your unique URL)
  2. user name (from your ftp menu on second column above)
  3. Password (also from your ftp)



( August 15th Update ) on the national holiday, when in 1945 : Korea regained its “glory” from 35 years under Japanese rule, I in turn was happy to gain my own small-but-much, considering now vastly network is used in the Millennium . this came in the form of a new firmware for ipTime A2004ns .

  • original firmware 8.70 end of July 2013
  • 8.76 released August 13th 2013

my ONLY problem with earlier firmware in random “now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t” : taking days 0o0 for networked computers to recognize the router-attached (via its USB slot) hard disk drive, seem to be solved in large with the new firmware .

the other problem common on BOTH firmwares, is that the router set-up is “supposed” to automatically open-up default ftp port 21,  but will soon show “Port Closed” on the second column of the second photo above . and ipDisk app on iPhone nor iPad would NOT be able to connect, although shared computers will . this can be easily solved by relocating to port “2121”.


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