South Korean conglomerate SamSung Electronics who had been manufacturing HDD hard disk drives since 1989 sold all of this business to SeaGate . locals know their hard disk drives were trash (unstable except perhaps a single F3 series along the whole way) but a large populace kept on using it for their no-questions-asked exchange on-the-spot . meaning : you’d better back-up well . although some of their SSD solid state drives were quite good and sold-out – thus their wise practice to keep the old HDD business separate from the emerging SSD . it could be they never learned how to get it right, while it may seem for SeaGate a grand acquisition to swallow the whole of a Korean conglomerate sector : they may soon need stomach pills ..

in turn, SamSung got cash and stock in addition to agreement to tight-knit inter-business on SSD, memory and computer parts .