with the Cold War, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden gone : there still is the most notorious military dictatorship regime lurking merely an hour’s drive North from the Capital of SEOUL . thus you still are startled at well, not-so-sudden if are up-to-date on local news but .. ear-piercing sirens reminiscent of 1940 London air raids . ofcourse early warnings are announced to notify this WILL be an exercise every time, which is none the more strikening to your ears, this time around similar to propaganda microphones during the Battle of Stalingrad – I know, for I lived-it at least during WWii strategic simulation games .

while that is in the real World, a mandatory alarm is buried deep into smart-phones . but not of inter-national war threats but early-warnings on natural disaster forcast including storms, flood and earthquakes from National Emergency Management Agency . and you get this every other Week in a Season prone with Annual Monsoon – the Orient’s sometimes deadly rain . this has been instigated on 2G cell phones throughout South Korea since 2005 . but with the influx of smart-phones : the user had to download and install specific app to allow this feature . hence this has been mandatory on smart-phones produced from New Years 2013 . but you have the option to disable it .

and on an Android system : here on Galaxy S4 LTE-A . open Message and enable options menu ≫press bottom-Left option button ON Galaxy (NOT inside LCD screen and remember buttons are opposite on LG Optimus G Pro)
≫press Setting at bottom of option menu that slides-up ≫press ‘General’ setting tab on top-Left ≫yonder onto ‘More’ at top-Right tab ≫and below is a group of options checked to allow disaster warning alarm sound with news as Message content :