perhaps God had mercy on the land
where the economy was in shambles and Exchange Rate horrifying .
for this has been one of those “light” Winters
unlike the last one where chill smeared through our ridden brick walls .

the Korean Peninsula has distinct 4 Seasons
so some of those Summers and Winters can be extreme,
(just wait ’til you get caught in the middle of ‘guerilla thunderstorms’ late Summer)
except perhaps Busan (Pusan), the ultimate vacation spot of all Koreas .

and when warm SunLight shone on the last day of January 2009
( WoW : next year will be 2010 – The Year We Make Contact )
I decided to declare Spring has come early in Korea .

then I gathered the nerve to introduce the 4 Cell Phones
that are the envy of many, many people in Korea as around the World .

so um .. do U Haptic ?