seven-and-a-half years ago the World woe’d and Ah’d as Steve Jobs continuously swiped the first unveiled iPhone : the iPod with the phone . ofcourse it took two-and-a-half years from then, for its upgraded 3GS to land on Korean shores .. but that is another story –  a sad one much like the 1941 classic movie ‘How Green Was My Valley’.

Circa 2014 : when competing Korean conglomerates have already released their own curved-screen smartphones as well as Android-wear watches, all with its short-comings as we all know a true comfortably wearable mobile device encased in sleek-style would have to come from Apple . and come 9-9 : Gates’ successors will introduce the first iWatch . and as their chief officers boast Swiss watch makers better start worrying, we are faced with two problems : it has been a while since we’ve worn watches, so better begin getting accustomed to one so that we won’t yank one on the subway door, and we need something in place until it becomes available in our geographical area .

so instead of your usual Seiko or Casio’s endless variety of digital watches, you want a selectable line from an elusive designer-brand that glooms Apple’s former silhouettes . so I went to look for one, in the Orient’s long-time hub to the Western World : Hong Kong . and took the ferry across from its island where the largest Apple stores are open . and on Harbour City Mall I found such that will keep me company until .

thus introducing Kenneth Cole 32-City World Timer Touch-Screen Watches ≫LINE≪ each for an affordable USD $150.
Kenneth Cole 32 city world time watch KC1666 $125  Kenneth Cole 32 city world time watch KC3903 $175
as with any wireless router : its official manual won’t help as it is one common mini-booklet for various models . so push around and you get the tiny feel of it . have to get used to its impressive touch screen on x-axis four corners, as its acknowledging beep would come half a second later . and perhaps the only obstacle in operation is that all procedure take two-steps : as you have to push the top-right button first before contemplating any touch-screen – understandable, as you want it to acknowledge every object that slides onto it during a day’s chores . the numbers on it are not as flashy as the first LCD’s but quite vague and subtle, adding the Millennium coolness . most of all : it is NOT ultra-thin (coined from the latest portable sub-notebook or laptops, although still quite expensive for its feather-weight) as we do not expect the first generation of iWatch would be .
DSC_1225c1080Cali Kenneth Cole 32-City World Timer Touch-Screen Watch STYLE KC3903 DSC_1227c1050Cali Kenneth Cole 32-City World Timer Touch-Screen Watch STYLE KC3903

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