have been using Windows XP SP3 instead of the newer Vista, because of bloated feelings . but enjoying look of a Vista by installing Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media Player 11 as well as its Themes .


for starters Windows 7 is said to have been developed with increasing notebook users in mind . when installing it automatically makes a directory folder named [windows.old] in the boot partition of c: drive . this is meant as a backup folder, NOT that you can automatically recover from it later, but instead for you to access former files if needed such as your ‘Favorites’ folder .

takes almost 30 minutes installing, then if needed another 10 minutes for Korean language pack .

surprisingly it automatically installs almost all drivers even on notebooks (much more than XP and even Vista). initially may NOT get the screen resolution right, but after a Windows Update and reboot it figures out the best resolution .

another plus is that it plays most movies by itself without further installment of video codecs like DivX and XViD . even audio codecs .


a major test in trying an OS (Operating System) early on, is that banks do not have the necessary security ready yet, thus not suitable for business use . but then again, a Beta version means anything can go wrong anytime – usually sudden freezes . so far, most Korean banks accept Windows 7 after prompting automatic certificate installation . but as usually CitiBank refuse IE 8 (Internet Explorer 8) which is Windows 7’s default Internet browser .

all-in-all Windows 7 Beta looks like a Vista but speeds through the lightness of an XP .