AnyGate has been an accustomed Korean manufacturer of network routers who has led way to ipTime and now in the doldrums
after the Korean expression of spreading business in the way of “octopus legs” venturing onto related territory including USB dongles and GPS navigation devices .


A.L.Tech was a small “venture company” established at the dawn of the Millennium in January 2000 manufacturing or OEM selling

  • network routers to connect to the internet,
  • multi-media machines that connect your computer with TV and home entertainment system,
  • USB dongles to enable computers mobile memory storage,


they have been doing marginally well an all of the above product areas
(marginal because so many companies have joined the market with more lucrative-sounding models)
but part of their company started to split into :

  1. Diban was formed in 2005 by former employees in their sales department, and from Summer 2009 started selling their own line although similar to AnyGate,
  2. where-as NeoWiki was formed by their research and development team members, continuing to sell AnyGate line .


and A.L.Tech started consumers looped in their hide-and-seek play-around by lending part of their business to Diban in September 2008 and then several tries on co-existing on the market .

over-all, NeoWiki continues to sell AnyGate models on-line to consumers, while Diban concentrates selling whole-sale to super-mart chains .


in legal business practice when a company is gone, so is their responsibility to support their product, thus your AnyGate is obsolete however current NeoWiki seems to be taking in, but Diban considering it .

it all started getting serious when their customer and product support site stopped responding early last Summer June 2011 siting clerks were not available .. and continued throughout 2011 and finally seems to have returned somehow early 2012 in January .



if you have just bought one from a near-by super-mart : return it immediately for exchange or refund
or if you have problems, it is best currently to make your way into their office and insist on repair .
following are their current where-abouts as of February 2012
all close to each other in the new Korean i.T. technical “valley” of Kuro South-West in the out-skirts of Seoul metropolis .

main product AnyGate router website :

Oh what fun in a start-up companies expanding business told in English terms
as sub product AnyDrive (“drive” as in computer partition) USB dongle
is switch to mean automotive “driving” as they begin navigation system on 2008

split company 1 Diban product website :

split company 2 NeoWiki product website


Diban’s SG3300N which has a similar model number as AnyGate’s taken-on by NeoWiki, but sports a different design :
Smartgate SG3300N-250G x 1EA

Oh, how we hate irresponsible start-up companies ..
by Korea Tech BLog, February 2012


( January 2013 Update ) after a year from this initial post, more about what happened to AnyGate’s different companies comes to light : NeoWiki went grim without replying to customer support inquiries, to eventually close . then a new company named ‘LightCom information Network’ was form last Summer, to continue selling NeoWiki’s AnyGate models, WITH its original website, introducing a full new line of wireless routers : SINGLE-antenna AnyGate F1 and RG5000R, TWO-antenna RG5200R and THREE-antenna AnyGate RG5300R. then they have been active last Christmas producing more : black SINGLE-antenna LT-150AP and LT-300Ap, and another silver-top THREE-antenna RG5500N V2.

but the confusing black-out over 2012, makes it hard for AnyGate to regain what-ever glory it shared as local Bless, Zio and Chinese Netis are squeezing-in onto monopolized ipTime wireless router market on the Korean Peninsula, mostly with tight customer support .