Korean cellular carriers are moving their subscription rates to Data-centered options . KT who became the major contender on Wi-Fi connection from iPhone (3GS) days in South Korea : began the trend from May 8 . LGT or LGU+ the third and latest conglomerate to join telecommunations services began on May 15 . SKT the early carrier who has more 2G and 3G (voice-centered) service joined the band-wagon today May 19 .
150519 SKT도 데이터 요금제…이통 3사 요금제 비교해보니
What this means is that voice and messaging will be virtually limitless throughout all price plans, which will be divided more-over depending on how much data-transfer you will want . up until now if you wanted to choose more data than voice/messaging : you signed-up for “selective plan” where you can up the data-portion and lower the voice/message portion among the same price plan .

over-all : about W30,000 will give you 300MB of data transfer Monthly, while W60,000 over 10GB . considering a general user would use about 1GB of data, as much Wi-Fi connection is available in metropolitan areas : one above the cheapest plan just over W35,000 should be sufficient for you .


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