so it is time again for my Annual ritual, mostly for I rarely go on vacation-specific journeys in the Summer for it is much more efficient AND cost-effective to mix business with pleasure when I have projects requiring extensive travel ..

for the first-time visitor : such differing holiday dates in the same electronics district or rather buildings in case of South Korea, would seem confusing but soon understood when you take into consideration different factors of business operation within these boundaries : consumer-oriented retailers, on-Line shopping malls which never close in essence, B2B whole-salers and support centres or repair shops that serve both ends . in the big-picture : a handful of large buildings South of the main road serve consumers with support centres, and a myriad of buildings North are whole-sale .

general consumer outlets in RED, while more whole-sale shown in BLACK letters

and individual stores/booths within each building may differ in actual holiday-closed dates
from West/Left to Right/East-South, clock-wise :

  • JeonJa LAND : August 5th Monday ~ 8th Thursday
  • WonHyo JeonJa SangGa : August 1st Thursday ~ 3rd Saturday
  • HanShin JeonJa Town : August 1st Thursday ~ 3rd Saturday
    ( JeonJa Town B on above map top-right )
  • i-Pia : August 1st Thursday ~ 3rd Saturday
    ( building right of NaJin 19 at right-end of above map, not shown )
  • NaJin SangGa : August 1st Thursday ~ 3rd Saturday
  • Seon-in SangGa : August 1st Thursday ~ 3rd Saturday
  • Terminal SangGa : August 5th Monday ~ 7th Wednesday
  • iPark Mall : JESUS, open through-out the Summer
    ( on top of YongSan KTX Station at bottom of above map, not marked )

Electronics-dedicated buildings in SEOUL East-West and Busan or Pusan :

  • TechnoMart : again, open through-out the Summer
    ( East-end of SEOUL, Subway Line 2 GangByon Station connected under-ground to Exits 1 & 2 )
  • TechnoMart ShinDoRim : open through-out the Summer
    ( West-end of SEOUL, Subway Lines 1 & 2 ShinDoRim Station and connected South-West )
  • Busan JeonJa SangGa : August 1st Thursday ~ 4th Sunday

for normal business hours and more information :
refer to YongSan Electronics Market and Electronics Districts Page on TOP MENU,


– Korea Tech BLog wishfully, from Okinawa –

in a queer Week where the rainy Monsoon ends
to precipitate the Annual Summer vacation migration South-East to HaeUnDae Beach –