with digital cameras and portable data compressed in USB-dongles, multi-card readers have become an essential port on laptops or notebooks, so now a must-slot in personal computer main-frames . and as such it is a relatively cheap component to make, more than a dozen choices are available on every continent . but since it has to read and write on a variety of media types, to be compatible on your PC : you want to stick to a known brand with a good track record in this genre . and due to its price and distribution, NOT all makers and models are available World-wide . so starting with the most popular in South Korea for the new generation of USB 3.0 and common in size : going into your 3.5 inch hard disk drive slot on the front of your main-board or mother-board, OR the old floppy drive slot .. prices are of the lowest at larger On-Line Stores so actual price near you may be a tad higher .

Sky Digital‘s Super Reader USB 3.0 Black introduced January 2012 W28,500
from a rather small company (most in this genre are, NOT conglomerate-scale) making affordable computer power source, having stretched into video capture cards and recently external hard disk drives with their security system named “Lock-Down” which can be used as a perfect match with these series of multi-card readers .

and as you see on the last photo : require you have an USB 3.0 slot on your main-board or mother-board .

EZ-Net NEXT-8601U3 USB 3.0 introduced December 2012 W30,500

from again a small company rather new, known for external hard disk docking stations .
you have TWO option to connect your rear cable : either a USB 2.0 slot OR PCI-Express slot on your main-board or mother-board .
NEXT-8601U3_WEBDB_1_121205_04 NEXT-8601U3_WEBDB_1_121205_05 NEXT-8601U3_WEBDB_1_121205_07 NEXT-8601U3_WEBDB_1_121205_08
SaroTech Alio SDR-IN36U3 introduced February 2013 W25,000

from an older company having long-made external hard drive cases
and this model allows you to use USB 2.0 slot on your main-board or mother-board .
sdr_in36u3_11b sdr_in36u3_03 sdr_in36u3_05b sdr_in36u3_09
I should add not many companies have learnt the hard lesson from the burst of bubble, where their predecessors spread to various business known in Korea “like octopus legs” for these companies are barely keeping their boundaries .. leaping into another category every other year .