You don’t come to THE electronics district of all Korea as often Post-Millennium, as better comparison and price can be had On-Line . neither do you feel the excitement of a whole unique culture evolving around you, as when you visit its counter-part in neighboring Japan, namely : Akihabara in Tokyo or even DenDen Town in its second city of Osaka . but you come here to hand-pick a hard drive as it consist of constant-moving parts, or to return a defect or get an exchange directly as it still is the surest way //

  1. first-off : it is good to see workers hoarding boxes all around the district,
  2. and Seon-in SangGa (modern Korean term for in-door shops with booths, as opposed to “shi-jang” for outdoor market) where they used to sell computer parts : now a lot of assembly stores have moved-in as was in the earlier days of JeonJa (Electronics) Land two blocks to its West .
  3. though it is ever mind-boggling to see illegal DVD copy booths still lined-up right in front, which really is the geological center of this district -_- never just right to sell what they got for free

– Dancin’on Sun-Shine, Korea Tech BLog –