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as if to sing-along “We Are (NOT A PART OF THE SLEEK iPHONE) World”: Korean cellular carriers KT and LGT put up a banner today hinting iPhone 6 will be coming soon, without any reference from nor to Official Apple announcements . plus telecommunication branches tweated this afternoon : iPhone 6 has been input into their systems . some branches now have Official prices of iPhone 6 and Plus .

times have changed, thus it is such no big news, that a local Apple fan site member even asked “Why is KT still selling iPhones when it amounts to less than 5% of cellular users in South Korea ?”


( October 11 Sunday ) a flock of electronic birds (no, not a miss-guided North Korean drone about to crash, again) soaring over the Korean Peninsula hinted : LG U Plus carrier will begin taking early reservation for iPhone 6 and Plus from this Friday 17th ..

( October 13 Monday ) and it is Official : iPhone 6 and Plus will begin selling in South Korea from October 31 Friday, yawn



– long gone to The Dark Side, Korea Tech BLog –


( October 16 Thursday Memorandum a.k.a. “The Empire Strikes Back”)

as Koreans exclaimed belated “WoW’s” and “Ah’s” two years later than their American brethrens, due to late arrival on iPhones in 3GS ofcourse it was a hit on-start, but subscribers decreased drastically that by 5 and 5S now Apple Premium or what-ever Shops are virtually empty aside from when a new iPhone or iPad lands, often again quite late than surrounding developed countries . main reasons are in the order of impact :

  1. incomprehensive iTunes to the Korean mind, culture and tech.norm borne from copied software -_-
  2. notorious customer as well as product support out-sourced to local contractors, who proceed and charge differently depending on local weather and every branch and clerk’s mood 0o0
  3. compatibility with South Korea’s third mobile carrier LG U Plus
  4. continuously small LCD screens compared to incomparably well-serviced local manufacturers like SamSung and LG Electronics ..


and although not much would seem done about the first two above, last two factors just changed and with a couple more : the iPhone is poised to make a large come-back right on the home-ground of its major competitor, yeppee ~

  1. you could here commonly on bus and subways : “Why buy an iPhone with its small screen ?”
    and while it is true in the opposite some actually DO prefer iPhone BECAUSE it has a small screen : quick to tote around the market, etc., and its legendary founder would be shouting “No ! No !” from iHeaven : the new and larger iPhones to counter each of its competition ground : 6 for SamSung Galaxy and Plus onto LG G/Optimus is going to have a large cellular populace migrating .
  2. add to this : a new anti-SamSung sentiment is on the build . in a recent new law going into effect : with a part where manufacturers and vendors were supposed to reveal how much rebate or discount manufacturers actually gave to the vendors i.e., forced to announce true retail price of a mobile device . to which SamSung refused and the law went into effect without this portion, thus unleashing complaints from consumers whether SamSung was above law, and doubting they may have been conned to buy a cheap product for many times-fold for its actual worth . more-over this has smashed the “Koreans should buy Korean products” patriot mind //
  3. as noted earlier : many have reverted to Android camp after iPhones’ initial try-outs over South Korea in 3GS, 4 and 4S . so they now know iPhone is the true smart-phone, thus ‘The End of Cell Phones and the Last iPhone” ditto Sir Francis Fukuyama 😉


but ofcourse the older, general populace will always use SamSung nomatter what, for none can offer their convenient showrooms and support locations throughout the Korean Peninsula .



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