HTC Google Nexus One – released July 2010 – full retail price W699,600
Apple iPhone 4 – released August 2010 – full retail price W946,000
HTC Desire HD – released November 2010 – full retail price W847,000
Dell Streak with Android 2.2 – released December 2010 – full retail price W847,000

and that is how Apple and Android cell phones landed on Korean shores from last Summer .
and it changed the way Koreans talk, play, work AND live for ever // AND electronic makers shuffling whatever they can to meet this unforeseen shift of a demand


Koreans had to bear with Apple iPod Touch i.e., iPhone WITHOUT cell phone capabilities for 2 years since the onset of iPhone
and only got used to it in 2009 on 3GS . and everyone was ready for iPhone 4 in 2010 .
however as release was lingering into Fall, HTC console the weary souls with Google Nexus One over the Summer
but it cooled rapidly as the screen was dropped from SamSung AMOLED to Sony SVCD -_-

also last Summer saw everyone trying to smuggle in an iPad which too was delayed into South Korea .
all-the-while, only the most general of populace, elders and those still spell-bound to SamSung’s national anthem were convinced to get a Galaxy .. including the ‘tabs .
and soon after iPad was released, MacBook Air slid in when everyone still had their mouth open on the iPad
and suddenly over a Season, it was a very difference World in the Korean Penninsula .


again in surprise HTC released Desire HD over-night, but still had the short battery life where most had to carry a spare for a day’s work .
and Dell released Streak of a cell phone OR a tablet ? but fit-in nicely into the size-gap that iPad AND Galaxy left out .
– actually an old phone considering it was released a staggering semester earlier abroad, but now in Android 2.2 and at least battery life to last a day .

the retail price does NOT matter much, for since last year basic subscription has increased from a year to TWO
to cover higher manufacturer price of smartphones, and thus monthly payment spread out longer .
what DOES matter in the age of smartphones is how much free DATA allowance every month
– the very battle arena for KT and SKT now catching up for a stand-off .


in using the Apple iPhone 4 and Dell Streak, aside from the obvious size-matter, one major difference you notice
is that Streak starts slowing down as you stack in 8 screenful worth of apps / programs
where as the iPhone operates as sleek as ever nomatter what .
so talk-about the higher, advanced being on this arena ..

ofcourse software-wise : it is a pitty Android doesn’t have instagram – the cute photo sharing network,
and too bad iPhone doesn’t have Ovjet – the geographic surrounding-based community,
– both immensly popular on each platforms .



– Korea Tech BLog, January 2011 –

. [ March 3rd 2011 user update review ]
for I use a couple of cell phones anyway thus usage thoughts for over a month each
for those contemplating to decide between the two :

first comes the inevitable matter of software compatibility within iPhone and Android themselves
as Apple is uncontested in terms of smooth operation
while Dell Streak does have minor glitches such as upper notice panel being stuck or NOT operating properly .

so even though it is more of a small tablet THAN a large cell phone
enabling basic business chores in need
when that vital need comes you may be stuck to waist more precious time to re-boot -_-

which comes to the second matter of product support .
and more-so for Dell Streak is NOT a main-stream model even in South Korea
some problems go on unsolved even to support center technicians as with HTC Google Nexus One
where I had to correspond with technicians in Taiwan, who were concerningly helpful .

I say this even though Dell has much a reliable support record on notebooks OR laptops .
and only after the above two comes the matter of personal preference
but is nulled for the above two ARE vital matters to be considered seriously before purchase //