A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, or rather : one of the Original Apple Watch bands changed color . this happened as more models as options are available among colors to choose from when purchasing extra bands aside from the one that came with your Wonderfully dear Apple’s first Watch . I really should add the critically right-ful word Genuine into the vocabulary as there are so, so many varieties of seemingly alike-looking imitation bands that sort-of resemble the cheapest sort of leather, AND does from reports : break while even doing your normal walk !
150605cur-MLHH2Classic42mm670x400TPlanCRT  Apple’s initial introduction onto its Classic Buckle and its all-black band was a noble one straight from ECCO tannery in Netherlands . and now they are introducing it as “updated”: as its black band becomes two-tone, with underlying natural brown color . at the same time Apple has added another fully-brown color band to go with your Classic Watch //

Which one do you prefer ? ofcourse it is a matter of taste but style-wise : the former is more avant-guarde and sporty, while the latter digs deeper into true classic territory and hope the threads holding the two different leathers are durable, but one thing is for sure that the older one is NOT available any more aside from independent resellers with left-over stock and used ones .


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