another conspiracy theory arise on Korean conglomerate desperately trying to obstruct popular foreign products into its Peninsula . case in issue is one of South Korea’s foremost newspaper HanGuk ilbo (loosely translating as Daily Korean Nation) deleting a column originally shown on the front page of its January 10th 2010 editorial .

according to the content : SamSung Electronics Vice President asked SK Group Chairman to delay SK Telecom’s import of Apple’s iPhone two Months ago . reason being that SamSung cell phone sales would be greatly effected if South Korea’s leading cellular carrier begins iPhone subscription . and SK Telecom has accepted although its President was proceeding to import .

this issue was unveiled because copies exist on blogs and other sites after original clip has been deleted . traditionally when an error has been put out, the publishing media would ensue with another news citing its error, but not in this case, and the newspaper editor stated they deleted due to immense replies both for and against the content following publication .

SamSung is not denying this happening, instead to note the person in question is unavailable due to travel .


well, maybe so but these kind of close-knit cooperation (expressed in a very good term) go on casually even in developed states borne of cultural kinship .