Apple released the first tier of countries on April 24 Friday 2015, and South Korea to-date is never on this early list . so a usually short-lived market forms naturally mostly from Koreans living abroad or returning from travel, to sell these topped with a rather hefty premium (price). still Apple-fans and early adopters buy these as you would probably still have to wait after Official release on popular models in case of Apple Watch .

currently these are offered by Koreans living abroad in neighboring Japan as well as the States, and those returning from travel in those countries – and not many come out every day, as it is even scarce in those available countries . still, 38mm Sky-Blue or Lime-Green color Sports Band is the most common, followed by White .

looking at “wants” ads on used-items forums throughout the Peninsula : currently the most popular demand is for White Sports Band and Stainless Steel Milanese Loop . although I do not see the need for the smaller 38mm – even measured and observed difference is negligable – enough Koreans seem to be wanting it, aside from the larger 42mm of the two common choices .

by the second Week of May 2015 : the going-rate for direct purchase without waiting is +W200,000 for Sports-Band models and +400,000 for Stainless-Steel . but in all fairness, these cannot be deemed simply SCAM, for the sellers themselves dedicate precious time and money – mostly searching and traveling – to get these sacred devices . Korea Tech BLog may out-line an extensive guide to seeking one in neighboring Japan, as the second nearest Apple Store City : Hong Kong accepts reservation only, with delivery previewed for June or July //

( June 6 Saturday Update )

it was announced on June 4 Thursday that Apple Watch will Officially begin selling throughout South Korea on June 26 Friday . this is included in the second tier of countries a good TWO Months after the first began selling April 24 Friday .

looking at Official press release on briefly where it will be available : the pattern to be sold in South Korea, would follow that of Japan which was on the earlier first tier of countries to begin selling Apple Watches . ofcourse one big difference is that Japan has about two dozen Official Apple Stores while South Korea only has one which is On-Line .

following this scenario : aside from their Official On-Line Store which is the by-far the safest, offering a full Month return policy, they will NOT sell widely as much as preceding iPhones nor iPads . instead at selective branches (meaning : not all branches of certain ReSeller Shops will sell them but only a very few percentage) with a few high-end boutiques to sell their gold-plated Edition models – totalling about fifteen outlets throughout the Peninsula mostly concentrated around Metropolitan SEOUL .


( June 10 Wednesday Update ) among South Korea’s earliest Premium ReSellers : Frisbee’s will have half-a-dozen branches selling Apple Watch . namely from West and clock-wise geographically : YoiDo iFC Mall, HongDae, MyeongDong, GangNam Square, GeonDae and BunDang Branches, with the most expensive Edition line selling only at MyeongDong . then outside the Capital of SEOUL : DaeJeon will be the only place so far .

as for another Premium ReSeller Willy’s : ShinSa, JamSil and Busan GwangBok Branches will begin selling Apple Watch on June 26 Friday . while in Busan : A Shop Centum City Branch will also have it available making it only two place in the Port City . the only vendor aside from existing Apple ReSellers will be ShinSeGae Department Store’s haute clothier Boon The Shop, in the middle of the Beverly Hills of SEOUL : ChungDamDong, which would be Apple’s effort to raise the Watch’s nuance to exquisite Swiss watch makers like they have done earlier in neighboring Japan .



( June 23 Tuesday D-3 ) Opening hours on actual release day :

  1. Boon The Shop will open early at 7am
  2. ONLY MyeongDong and GangNam Square Branches will open early at 7am, then the rest of four Apple Watch-selling branches at 9am, except iFC Mall Branch which will open at the time of Mall Opening : 10am

( June 25 Thursday D-1 ) for Global Apple secrecy : fans witness shipping-in of Apple Watch cartons late afternoon into a couple of their what-ever ReSeller Branches . as God is watching to the tune of 2014 movie Noah : the sky is dim and forecast to rain for the next whole Week . thus clerks are handing-out numbers to those in queue from 9:30pm : to honour your their turn as long as you return by 6am – only at Frisbee Branches which are stand-alone buildings with out-side entrance, and NOT in a shopping mall complex .

The ONLY Official Apple Store in South Korea which is On-Line, is expected to begin taking reservation from 2pm – hours after direct-purchase mostly around concentrated areas have opened .


( D+4 Next Tuesday ) in the grusome land of MERS : Apple-related On-Line communities are full of joy to the tune of the classic Alps movie Sound of Music ~ many of whom who ordered on release day afternoon had been tracking shipment On-Line as if seeking Santa’s sleigh through NORAD over the Week-end, to receive their Apple Watch and/or bands today through either DHL, TNT or sub-contracted Korea Post Office . post-boards are full of (translated) confirmation (snap) shots with them opening the cleverly-packaged shipper and then worn .


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