– as this is a BLog based in Korea : most cellular information are out-bound than in-bound for travelers into the once, Land of the Morning Calm –

major Korean cellular carriers like KT and SKT has been offering W10,000 a day roaming options implemented automatically once abroad for most developed countries . this included voice calls, SMS messaging AND internet data transfers – NOT cheap but quite a discount considering it will take care of all your connection while traveling .

a couple of down-sides though – quite serious depending upon your needs and both below quite a draw-back if you are on crucial business :

  1. You don’t a local phone number, but everyone there will have to call your Korean number which will be on roaming .
  2. these large Korean telecommunication companies are contracted with some of the most used carriers abroad too, but some just don’t work at all for hours depending upon city and/or time .


so a few companies have emerged, offering local pre-paid SIM cards (called USIM in South Korea) to order same/next-day delivery or one even airport pick-up . one company has an out-sourced contact with the travel store in the middle area of inCheon Airport departing floor, before entering border control . but ofcourse you will have much options to buy among a variety offered by local cellular carriers .

depending on your destination country, some will only provide data SIM without calls nor messaging due to local law which will require you to sign-up for a short subscription with your identification including PassPort . *note Apple will send a local SMS verification to reserve iPhone 6S in Japan and Hong Kong (so far). fortunately China and Hong Kong allows pre-paid voice and messaging .



[ Hong Kong ]

there are quite many places to purchase one at Hong Kong international Airport both in and out of border control . inside customs check : electronic stores and convenience stores at Levels 6 and 7 . general area outside passport control : both at Level 5 Arrivals and 7 Departure floors, at convenience stores, electronics and telecommunication branches .

but once downtown, out of the airport : better try electronics stores for they weren’t any at any of the many convenience stores like 7-Eleven mentioned on their Official telecommunications website //

[ China Mobile PrePaid SIM ]

so this SIM Card by China Mobile includes all for use in China and Hong Kong, then another card that even allows Japan and/or Taiwan along with the former two countries .

your starter kit of  W18,000 comes with HKD80 included in it, with option to purchase extra extension cards in HKD50, 100 and so on . in short : the price is around the same as W10,000 per-day Korean roaming service mentioned above, but you get stable and fast enough connection in major geographical areas in Hong Kong . I had used roughly W38,000 or HKD180 with extensive internet usage including map search and some local calls and SMS messaging .


  1. SIM Card purchased in October 2015 had to be activated by the end of the year .
  2. and after activation : was valid for the next 3 Months,
  3. there-after extended 6 more Months after EACH additional re-charge (for example : HKD50 applied extended to April 2016, then until October after applying another HKD100)


  1. upon inserting SIM Card : carrier will show up as either China Mobile or Hutchison
  2. set your Android smart-phone or iPhone APN to 3gnet, if it doesn’t automatically
  3. status check menu : press *118*35 SEND on your phone



  • China Mobile Pre-Paid SIM ≫LiNK
  • China Unicom Pre-Paid SIM ≫LiNK
  • CSL Mobile Pre-Paid SIM ≫LiNK


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