Well, besides always being at the mercy of being nuked any time by the Northern threat games : there are a few benefits in South Korea such as enjoying some of the fastest internet on Planet Earth and seeing the second installment of The Avengers movie a whole Week ahead of May 1 release States-side, on April 23 Thursday .  so mere two Weeks to this historic date – almost enough to rush your blood as the release of iPhone 6 Plus – Korea Tech BLog presents a few amazing intuition and intriguing facts to aide you fly-out to its theatre .

[ TICKETS ] although some block-busters have begun reserving tickets two Week ahead of Official release dates – which is today for Avengers 2 Age of Ultron in South Korea – it is a fact that each movie version has to be rated for its viewing audience before that . Avengers 2 Age of Ultron 3D is scheduled to be rated by Korea Media Rating Board on April 13 Monday .

[ PREVIEW CEREMONY ] CJ CGV and Disney will co-host Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Preview Ceremony on its eve April 22 Wednesday 8pm at CGV YongSan iMAX Theatre !



( April 13 Monday Update ) OK, ticketing has started as previewed above, but only the normal or most-general version in 2D – meaning, the best type or largest screen you can have now CGV’s two Stariums in YeongDeungPo, SEOUL or Centum in BUSAN – both massive complex structures you will have enough to do before AND after the viewing .

most of the central seats – expect half of TOTAL 543 seats on CGV YeongDeungPo Starium Hall – on good afternoon hours or just after office hours are gone, and the reservation is such that couples can have better seats towards the center . plus rear rows reserved for handicapped with wheel-chairs .

just like KTX bullet trains : the best way to buy movie tickets currently is via dedicated apps either in iPhones or smart-phones – also a snap to cancel when you get better seatings 😉 it is quite fun as you don’t have to carry around those small tickets, instead show off your iPhone or smart-phone on entering ~

if you’ve lost your chance and decent seats on all your available dates are gone : remember it is 10 days+ ’til D-Day, and people’s schedule change . more-over expect a mass exodus when iMAX schedules are released – expected any time now . have your credit card number enlisted on your iPhone or smart-phone app.- now which is more important : On-Line security or getting a nice seat to view Avengers The Age of Ultron on one of the largest movie screens on Planet Earth – where you will still have to input expiration date, password AND your birth date when actually purchasing .


( April 15 Wednesday 9am ) as special effect theatre dates are set from this morning – but not reservable yet, as seats are greyed-out : some prime seats are becoming available as early buyers opt.to cancel theirs in anticipation of the more exciting options ..

( noon ) “Acts 7:56 Parallel: And said, Behold, I see the heavens open to let ALL of CGV special effects theatre tickets begin to sell.” but their website is soon down there-after, so better try iPhone or smart-phone app.to reserve seats . more updates on ‘Largest Screen Halls and Special Seat Theatres’ Post LiNKS way~ below .



( April 17 Friday ) in the matter of bad-timing : ’tis the day after the anniversary of a sunken passenger vessel taking hundreds mostly junior high school students, and big business as well as government involvement in laxing regulations on letting such an old ship as well as emergency procedures are under scrutiny . families of victims has clashed two nights in a row at GwangHwaMun, which happens to be right in front of the American Embassy . and amid a time the whole nation seems sensitive to this be : for or against further investigation, which has halted with the chairman of the liner company found dead – whose body has decomposed in two Months .

and the very this day major stars of The Avenger movie flew-in and is having a red-carpet ceremony at an out-of-way convention center on the North-Western outskirts of the Capital of SEOUL .

but Avengers, more-over iron Man’s popularity knows no boundary : as Notice is up on front of CGV smart-phone app. that purchasing Avengers The Age of Ultron iMAX tickets to sell on used-item forums at higher prices is against the Law – and it seems the worst they can do, is take away your membership at their Official WebSite . I hear there was a time say, in the sixties and seventies when the whole nation was hungry from the Korean War : there were people standing in front of popular movie theatres whispering “have tickets, have tickets”.


( D-3 Monday ) prime-time news are touting South Korea has gone crazy, as early movie ticket reservation – in the form of actual sales as you have to buy to get a seat – is volume is accumulation historical numbers . but with a wide-selection of viewing types and locations, cancelled seats are popping-up now-and-then on even popular choices such as CGV iMAX, 4DX and Starium in the SEOUL metropolitan region on the opening day April 23 Thursday .



believe-it or NOT : mobile app has more easy access to view seat layout as well as reservation and purchase than their Official WebSite . then you need to set up your account with as much as detail as possible, so that there will be less time to waste when you see vacant seat/s :

  1. preparation : first you have to become a member – as always will need a national or foreigners registration number,
  2. and register at least one credit card – you only register the full number for now; and when purchasing tickets there-after : input expiration date, your numeric password and birthay .
  3. then set-up (you can up-to) five CGV movie theatre branches near your area, as this will shorten time filtering-though ALL throughout South Korea .


  • Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Official Korean WebSite ≫LiNK
  • 15.4.9 Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Largest CGV iMAX Starium SCREEN Size ≫LiNK


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