Screenshot_2015-04-15-06-25-00-CGV-Avengers-Ultron-Special-Theatresas of April 15 Wednesday dawn : the second installment of Avengers movie will show in the following special effects theatres throughout South Korea from Korean movie mongul CGV – as always going in the order geographically from North-West and clock-wise down towards South-East with floor location in each building and number of total seats included below (*asterisk symbols on special seat-types than effects).

CGV ilSan : 4DX 3D(120)/ iMAX 3D(276)

CGV inCheon : 4DX 3D(4F 184)/ iMAX 3D(6F 407)
CGV BuCheon : 4DX 3D(132)

SEOUL (North of the Han River)
CGV Sang-Am (Olympic Stadium): 4DX 3D(72)/ iMAX 3D(363)
CGV SinChon ArtReon : 4DX 3D(9F 108)
CGV YongSan : 4DX 3D(160)/ iMAX 3D(397)
CGV WangSimNi : 4DX 3D(112)/ iMAX 3D(303)
CGV GangByeon : 3D/ 4DX 3D(112)

SEOUL (South of the Han River)
CGV YeongDeungPo : Starium(6F 543)/4DX 3D(4F 144)
CGV YoiDo (island): SoundX Premium(96)/ 4DX 3D+SoundX(120)
CGV CheongDam CineCity : *Abeda Cinema(9F 218)/ *SweetBox Premium(10F 20)/ 4DX 3D+SoundX(13F 144)
CGV (JamSil) SongPa : 3D/ 4DX 3D(72)

CGV (BunDang) JukJeon : 4DX 3D(160)
CGV Dong(East) SuWon : 4DX 3D(108)

Cheon-An PentaPort : 2D (curved screen 6F 179)/ 4DX 3D(132)

CGV DaeJeon : 3D/ 4DX 3D(108)/ iMAX 3D(364)

CGV GwangJu (Bus) Terminal : 3D/ 4DX 3D(5F 108)/ iMAX 3D(4F 362)

CGV DaeGu : 4DX 3D(6F 116)/ iMAX 3D(8F 253)
CGV Ulsan SamSan : *Gold Class(7F 31)/ 4DX 3D(8F 168)/ iMAX 3D(8F 502)

CGV ChangWon : 4DX 3D(80)
(Busan) CGV Centum City : Starium(8F 381)/ 4DX 3D(144)




13.2.23 GV iMAX ≫LiNK

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